Youtube Growing Up

Youtube Growing Up

Welcome to the 21st century where our children are being potentially raised in the dominant Youtube culture. My 15 year old daughter said to me the other day how she used to be obsessed with Youtube. Hooking her laptop to the television and surround sound speakers and just immersing herself in Youtubeland, learning everything from how to do her make-up to playing her favorite song on the guitar.

I happen use Youtube on daily basis, mostly for music. But I know a time or two clicking a link for “World’s cutest kittens” and end up on open heart surgeries on conjoined or what have you.

The culture of increasing usage of the internet saturates our sense of being. Heck, people make their claim to fame via posting videos on Youtube and they go viral. Some not so lucky as attempts to uncover recognition fail. However, many have gone on to be superstars, for example the Biebs(Justin Bieber) got his start there. Famous musicians get recognized by talent scouts hitting it big time and off they go to the stars. Some just want to share their creativity and talent with world regardless of whether or not the content is true.

Whether you use it to find a “how to” to figure out how to knit a pair of slippers or the walkthrough to help with that tricky mission in your video game, or perhaps a special proposal, or even a heartfelt memorial of a loved one. Sadly there is a dark side as well depressed teens and adults can be seen delivering words of discouragement, it could be considered desperate cries of help. Yes, you can find almost everything on this one stop website from the tragic to the uplifting, I mean who can’t get enough of the endless queue cute kitties, right?

Considering what is now a mammoth sized industry started only a few years ago and could still be considered relatively “new” by internet standards, it has managed to saturate our culture especially targeting youngsters and old timers alike, though probably more so the former. People of all ages can search favorite music videos, looking for that long lost song from yester year to what’s hot on the top ten hit list.

Or perhaps you want to check out a review for an upcoming film or debut of the next saga of your beloved video game franchise. For me it’s the latter the ever popular(and sometimes over-the-top annoying) and funny KSI or the humorous rants of Angry Joe. I mean who hasn’t gotten hooked on watching PewdiePie ramble his way through the endless Happy Wheels play through and laughed their socks off at his antics. I know he is practically a household name, well at least at our house he is.

In a world where social media is an ever growing part of our lives and access at our fingertips it is easy to say that we could easily follow Alice down that bottomless rabbit hole drinking tea with the Mad Hatter and loosing our heads with the Queen of Hearts.

Written By: Teidi Gable

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