60 Minutes Apologizes for False Benghazi Information

60 Minutes Apologizes for False Benghazi Information
CBS has issued an apology over a news source from the television program 60 minutes which gave the TV show the wrong information about the Benghazi tragedy on purpose.

This individual stated he happened to be on the scene of the Benghazi, Libya attack against a United States mission back in 2012. His story is now in doubt because it is now thought he was not there at all.

A news reporter by the name of Lara Logan stated that 60 Minutes would air a correction this Sunday on its latest broadcast and a videotape copy of the now supposedly false story was removed from the website of 60 Minutes on Thursday.

Logan had given an interview to a man named Dylan Davies, who was a security contractor. He said that he was someone who was involved in the fighting that went on at the mission and gave out the pseudonym of Morgan Jones. It was later revealed that the contractor’s name was really Davies, and that the man had penned a paper to the people he worked for and that it had read that he had not been at the scene like he first said.

CBS stated that Davies informed them that he had given the FBI an interview and told them that he was fighting at the mission but it was later found that Davies’ report to the FBI was basically the same as what he had told his employer, that he had never been fighting in Benghazi.

At this point in time, CBS decided the story had to come under review, but various different revelations had caused the news network to lose any belief in the source. Logan was on a CBS morning news show on Friday to give an apology.

She explained that the most important thing to everyone involved with 60 Minutes was the truth, and that the truth was they had made a mistake.

Logan stated that Davies said beforehand that he had explained to his employer that he had not been there but the broadcast did not know of the written report until it was published.

Asked by another news reporter why she initially stood by her report even after Davies had admitted to lying to his employer, Logan explained that it was because Davies had been upfront about that from the start. That had always been a piece of the story he told.

Congressional Republicans continue to insist that the Obama administration have not told Americans the truth about the Benghazi attack, and that they are downplaying the assault of terrorists which occurred in the middle of President Obama’s presidential campaign.

There are at least five GOP House committees which have been investing Benghazi and wanting various documents to do with the attack. They also want witnesses that are in the administration as they continue to complain that the Obama team keeps on beating around the bush on this serious and tragic issue.

Senator Lindsey Graham and numerous other Senate and House Republicans had a Capitol Hill press conference on Oct. 30 where they cited the report from CBS.

It is not known how anyone in Washington, D.C. is reacting to the news about 60 Minutes apologizing for the false Benghazi information at the present time.

By Kimberly Ruble

USA Today

NY Daily News

ABC News

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