Rob Ford and Other Government Officials Who Use Drugs

Rob Ford uses drugs like other government officials

The current Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, admitted Tuesday that he smoked crack, but he is not the only government official to admit to drug use. In the US, we have many officials that have admitted to drug use including the former Mayor of D.C., Marrion Barry. The press has questioned officials in the past and while some have been secretive others have been forthcoming.

Former President, Bill Clinton:

Even though Bill Clinton claimed he didn’t like marijuana, the former president did famously admit back in 1992 to trying it when he was attending Oxford University. The famous quote he made was, “I didn’t inhale it.”

Former Mayor, Marion Barry:

Could be considered the most famous abuser caught on video using drugs and then charged in 1991 for possession of cocaine. Shockingly, he was reelected back into office in 1994, which may mean there is hope for Rob Ford. However, after Mayor Barry pleaded guilty to IRS charges and had to undergo mandatory drug tests, he came up positive again for cocaine and marijuana.

President, Barack Obama:

President Obama did admit that he smoked marijuana when he was young with his remark “when I was a kid, I inhaled often, that was the point.”

Mayor, Michael Bloomberg:

The New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, confessed that he smoked some weed in his past when he told reporters “you bet I did. And I enjoyed it.”

Former Governor, David Paterson:

The former governor of New York, David Paterson, confessed to reporters that he smoked marijuana and used cocaine during his 20’s. He also added “more Americans have tried a lot more during that period of time and gone on to lead responsible lives and hopefully have lived their lives to their fullest.”

Former Governor, Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin admitted to smoking marijuana and touted Bill Clinton by saying she could not “claim a Bill Clinton” by denying she inhaled.

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas:

The spokesperson for the White House said Judge Thomas had smoked marijuana “several times” as an undergraduate at the College of the Holy Cross “and perhaps once” when he was at Yale Law School. Judge Clarence Thomas was President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee and the President concluded it was “a minor matter” which would not disqualify him.

Former President, George W. Bush:

Despite many allegations to the former president and his use of drugs, George Bush himself never denied nor admitted. Instead, he made comments such as “I’ve made mistakes” or “we had some pretty wild parties back in the day and I just don’t remember.”

Former Vice President, Al Gore:

According to Al Gore, his marijuana was “infrequent and rare.”

Former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The former California governor can be seen smoking weed in the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron.” This might be the only other case of a politician using drugs on camera besides Marrion Barry and Rob Ford.

John Kerry:

In response to the question from reporters about which government representatives are ready to admit marijuana use in the past, Kerry responded “yes.”

While Mayor Rob Ford may be in the headlines now, he is not alone in his endeavors, as several other government officials have used drugs too. When asked about his use of crack cocaine, Mayor Rob Ford said it was perhaps “about a year” ago in a “drunken stupor.” This came after months of him denying the video of his smoking actually existed. He then reportedly said, “I’ve made mistake; all I can do is apologize and move on.” Rob Ford will move on by joining the group of government officials who use or have used drugs.


By Cayce Manesiotis

National Post

The Washington Post

The New York Times

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