Alaska Experiences Deadly Plane Crash

Alaska Experiences Deadly Plane Crash

The state of Alaska has experienced yet another deadly plane crash, which is something that seems to happen much too frequently in the state. It happened close to the isolated western Alaska town of St. Marys. Four of the 10 passengers on board were killed, including an infant male, stated a spokesperson for the Alaska State Troopers on Saturday.

The pilot, along with three of the passengers, perished in the plane crash on Friday evening, explained spokesperson Meagan Peters. Alaska police and an air ambulance were sent out to respond to the scene.

The airplane was a single-engine Cessna 208 turboprop. It was also a Hageland flight that was scheduled to go from Bethel, Alaska to both the towns of Mountain Village and St. Mary’s.  Hageland is one part of Era Alaska, stated Kathy Roser, who is that airline’s spokesperson. Bethel and St. Mary’s are each tiny settlements that have been set up in remote areas of Alaska. The plane was reported missing at around 7:01 p.m. Alaska time.

The wreckage was found near St. Mary’s after 8:30 p.m. There were Alaska State Troopers at the crash site to treat all the incapacitated. The air ambulance also aided in the rescue. The main focus of all at the crash scene was helping those who had survived and needed help. When they arrived there, they discovered that four of the passengers had died in the crash but that the other six were still alive.

Peters added that she did not have any updated information on the conditions of the six survivors; but Jim Hickerson, a spokesperson and president of Hageland Aviation, spoke out and said that he had heard all of them had been injured to varying degrees. It is not known exactly what their various states are at the present moment.

The names of the deceased have been released. They are pilot Terry Hansen and passengers Richard Polty, Rose Polty and baby Wyatt Coffee. The survivors’ names have also been given out to the public. They are Pauline Johnson, Tonya Lawrence, Kylan Johnson, Melanie Coffee, Shannon Lawrence and Garrett Moses. However, there were no ages or any hometowns of either the deceased or surviving plane crash party members directly available.

The small plane contained an emergency beacon locator and the signal it put out helped give aid in discovering the site of the crash, according to National Transportation Safety Board agent Clint Johnson. The plane’s wreckage ended up being discovered around four miles to the east of St. Mary’s, Alaska.

There has been no word released as of yet on what could have caused the plane to crash. The NTSB stated it was going to send several agents to the site of the crash on Saturday to investigate the crash site. The Alaska temperature, where the plane went down Friday night, was only about 18 degrees F.

St. Mary’s is located approximately 475 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, and has a population of around 505.

Alaska has once again experienced a deadly plane crash near a town with a very small population count, with a tragic outcome.

By Kimberly Ruble

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