Alec Baldwin Back in the News: No Show

Alec Baldwin Back in the News: No Show
Alec Baldwin, back in the news, quickened to the media [he so conveniently monopolizes when it suits him] to announce that his show Up Late on MSNBC was canned.  Oh, and how this is everybody’s fault, but his, why the slot now holds no-show of his. On Tuesday, MSNBC and Baldwin’s management team declared the actor’s talk show, Up Late with Alec Baldwin, was cancelled, and that Baldwin and the network had mutually agreed to part ways.

Now, that, Baldwin and MSNBC mutually severed ties and parted ways, is just part of the story. The development of the awaited rejoinder to the two-week “timeout” MSNBC had put Baldwin on, allegedly for his disruptive and embarrassing public outrage the day after his convicted stalker Genevieve Sabourin went ordered of the court to Riker’s Island state prison for seven months, for harassing Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin Back in the News: No ShowWhere, in a crazed tense moment that day, Baldwin, completely unkempt in dress-down attire, unshaven face, and gray hair non-brushed, appeared to have gone out of his mind when news reporters clamored to him. Seeking simply to get their dips on his thoughts, regarding the verdict in that “lover’s quarrel” case; and both, he and his child-bride Hilaria, in the likes of two spoiled bullies lashed out at the circle of reporters and photographers coming at them from all sides.

Mrs. Baldwin, a reporter herself and monopolizing the media at will, as does Baldwin, had openly lied through her pearly whites, twice, that day. First, she claimed that her husband does not have a bad temper, and this: just moments before Baldwin blew up, chased a photographer around cars and down the street, and spat forth intense homophobic slurs at him, using the captured term: “C–ksucking f-g” as have reported the news media.

Then, that same day, Baldwin’s wife outright lied to her husband when she claimed that one of the reporters nearly knocked her teeth out her mouth with the microphone, setting off yet another round of the continued Baldwin rampage when he had his wife point him to the reporter. Baldwin then huffed over to the “blonde” agent, confronted her [with the lie the Mrs. had told him] and unwisely charged his foul approach and filthy language at news reporter Linda Schmidt, who had done nothing of the sort to Baldwin’s wife, later showed video footage of what really happened.

That was just part of the chaos that follows actor Baldwin around because apparently he creates it. Now we have the latest public announcement made on Tuesday, that MSNBC decidedly cancelled Baldwin’s “Up Late” show and that it was a mutual agreement. The inside scoop however tells of other likely “Baldwin misbehaviors” behind the scenes at MSNBC.

Behind the scenes, the angry Baldwin allegedly had clashes with staff members on the show. Reports have said that Baldwin was livid that MSNBC interrupted his talk show in the wake of the earlier public display of disorder, homophobic language and attacks on the photographer. While, at the same time, conflicts between Baldwin and staff on the show had already been ongoing since the talk show’s debut in October.

Allegedly, one of the actor’s tantrums at MSNBC had to do with Baldwin demanding they give him his own air purifier and his own dressing room. Supposedly, he was sharing the make-up room with a woman said to have cancer and sensitivities to aerosols.

Baldwin denies both reports. He never is involved. It never is his fault.

In today’s separate similar announcements, one by Matthew Hiltzik, Baldwin’s representative, declaring Baldwin’s show been cancelled and that the agreement had been mutual, and the other by MSNBC, stating that this was a mutual parting and that they wish “Alec” all the best. The result lends credence to, that, while the two figures parted ways; Baldwin was the one cast-out. What other choice did Baldwin have, but to do as MSNBC decided: No show for you, Baldwin, and thus the event that “mutually” unfolded his leaving the network!

That MSNBC wishes Baldwin all the best is a kind farewell to the actor who is going to need all the best, going forward from here. Back, in earlier November, when this all became headliners, Baldwin took to a blog and wrote a long rant describing his side of the story. In it, part of it stated,

If the show dies, its fate ends up being no different from the vast majority of start-up TV programming…

Easy cop-out. Hence, that tidbit, it just goes to illustrate Baldwin, back in the news, with no show, conceivably did not care enough about Up Late with Alec Baldwin; a show bearing his own name, to keep the TV program from ending up in the list of dumped start-up shows. With that attitude, he, himself ruined its chances of possibly succeeding, and, taking no responsibility for any of the events surrounding this, declares how every separate entity and individual involved is to blame for his failures.

In one instance, after Baldwin’s homophobic slurs at the photographer left his mouth, and the video of it went viral, he suggested that TMZ enhances audio; since all he had said to the photographer supposedly was “c***sucking fathead.” Purportedly, TMZ has no need to enhance any such tool: the racy news show captures raw footage, live interviews, and audio that speaks for the subject quite uncut or fudged-over. Moreover, whether Baldwin shot homophobic slurs at anyone or not or simply shouted “fathead,” what is he doing even thinking to speak to anyone in that crass way, in the first place?

Temper, temper, and useless anger management seemingly are what brought Baldwin back in the news, with no show. We can only anticipate what develops next for this actor.


Editorial by Christina L. Ibbotson


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  1. Elena   November 27, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I have defended Alec Baldwin in the past multiple times but no longer…we get what we ask for in the life…and you get what you give…you give bull-caca, you will get bull-caca. So much for another Baldwin brother…..


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