Alec Baldwin Draws the Media Attention He Later Condemns

Alec Baldwin Draws the Media Attention He Later Condemns

How unfortunate that Alec Baldwin draws the media attention he later condemns.  For eons of time, movie stars and superstars have known that they could be the subject of intense paparazzi attention.  They also know that the work of the photographers and reporters, clamoring at the public figure to get the perfect snapshot, would include cameras, in all shapes, styles and sizes, that would be flashing lights in their direction. This is nothing new.  However, lately, actor Alec Baldwin expects to explain away all of his nasty behaviors by blaming the media for his own short fuse.

Media attention is what unfolds when a person chooses to become famous.  Capturing Baldwin is the right of every reporter and photographer that takes pictures of him and writes about him in the tabloids, newspapers and magazines. Both Baldwin and the media have jobs to do, and those jobs dovetail with each other. This is much like the relationship between a hairdresser and the scissors, so it is ludicrous for the hairstylist to grow angry at the scissors should the scissors cut the finger of the non-careful beautician during a haircut. Baldwin uses the media to gain accolades but then shows contempt for the reporters that seek him because he is famous.

If this part of the platform is unacceptable to the popular Baldwin, then why is he still in the entertainment industry? Moreover, now that Baldwin is famous and cashing in all the dough from it, why does he grow angry and belligerent towards the media?  Reporters and photographers helped to put the star of 30 Rock on the pedestal that we now see him on, with Baldwin’s help.  Yet, he grows furious when reporters and photographers rush to take pictures of him and his life.

Did Baldwin think he would be exempt from any of the attention at any given time? Did he think he could monopolize this aspect of the industry and have it shine its focus on him, but only when he says so? Who does Baldwin think he is?  He expects the cameras and videos should only flash and roll when he is performing and then cease all activity at his command when he is offstage. Does he employ and pay their salaries to order them around the way that he does?

Baldwin is the “star” that lives and breathes wherever he goes, be it to a supermarket or onstage. Famous Baldwin lives in a fish bowl, in a glass house, in a see-through world, by his own choice.  His own selection of careers, and possibly his own dream of being prominent and celebrated in the world (and maybe even legendary,) put him where he is. So why, with good, bad and ugly dimensional sides to him does Baldwin openly misbehave, and then condemn all the attention he has drawn unto himself?

His wife, Hilaria is another one.  She appears to love all the media attention and then turns against it with open lies. Ironically, she herself is a member of the media as a correspondent on Extra.  She seems to be taking after her famous husband, Alec Baldwin, who draws the media attention he later condemns.  She probably isn’t especially aware how she is tainting her own public image by misbehaving as does Baldwin. Twice, Hilaria lied to the media, as was captured on Thursday by reporters, after her husband’s alleged stalker got sentenced to six months in jail for harassment of this May-December duo. Hilaria told reporters that her husband “doesn’t have a bad temper,” as if the entire world doesn’t already know that Baldwin has deep problems handling his bad temper. As it happened, Hilaria told that lie only to discredit her own words.  For, moments after making that statement, Baldwin blew up at a reporter, and shoved him and knocked the reporter’s cell phone out of his hand.

Following that blatant lie, Hilaria then told her husband that a female reporter nearly knocked her teeth out with the microphone and pointed out reporter Linda Schmidt of Fox 5 News in New York. Alec Baldwin then went after the reporter, got in her face and after raging a few choice words at her, told Linda to “get the f*** out of here!” Hubby doesn’t have a bad temper, eh? Lies, lies, and more lies!

Adding to the world of untruths is Baldwin’s 18-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin. The one who herself caught the wrath of her father’s “bad temper” when she was but 11 at the time and he called her a “thoughtless little pig” because she failed to answer her phone when the angry actor called.

In defense of her deranged daddy, Ireland took to Twitter on Saturday, to claim, “For someone who has battled with anger management issues, my dad has grown tremendously.”

It appears that what has grown tremendously is Baldwin’s uncurbed anger.  Moreover, he is setting the example for both his eldest daughter and his new wife, all of whom draw media attention and later condemn it. Fans, spectators, and reporters are far from stupid, Alec, Hilaria and Ireland Baldwin.  So get a grip! Otherwise, all three of you will only remain the laughing stock of those who know better.

By: Christina Ibbotson

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