George Zimmerman Arrested – Accused of Domestic Violence

George Zimmerman
Before images of his trial regarding Treyvon can fade away, George Zimmerman is arrested on domestic violence.

George Zimmerman has been arrested on charges of domestic violence, accused of pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend along with causing damages to property in a home they were sharing in Seminole County, Florida. Zimmerman is being charged with felony aggravated assault with a weapon, along with domestic violence battery and criminal mischief. A 911 call by girlfriend Samantha Scheibe describes the event as Ms. Scheibe attempted to fill in the dispatcher while simultaneously conversing with Zimmerman until finally being forced out of the home by Zimmerman.

This incident is coming just months after George Zimmerman’s very public trial regarding the death of Treyvon Martin. Seminole County Sherrif Dennis Lema and Ms. Scheibe both stated that George Zimmerman had pointed a shotgun in the face of his girlfriend, forced her out of the home, and damaged property within the couples shared residence.

According to Sherrif Lema, Zimmerman did not put up any resistance upon arrest. It is also reported that Ms. Scheibe has not received any injuries. George Zimmerman’s actions seem to have escalated once Ms. Scheibe had asked him to move out of the residence, and subsequently mentioned she was going to call the police.

According the reports, once the police arrived, they were able to push through the door although it was lightly barricaded with furniture. They were then able to confront George Zimmerman who was sitting unarmed in side as they entered. Sherrif Lema has announced that Zimmerman is being held without bail at present. Best estimates are that Zimmerman will appear before a Seminole County Judge Tuesday to learn how his immediate future will look.

This seems to be just the latest manifestation of a long list of entanglements with the law that George Zimmerman has had since his public and controversial trial for shooting and killing Treyvon Martin. Initially in the Trayvon case, there were no charges filed, but due to public outcry, Zimmerman eventually received a second degree murder charge. Since then the latest news in the now very public and divisive life of George Zimmerman, is that he has been arrested for domestic violence, and time will tell what will come of his recent actions.

By Daniel Worku

NY Times


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