Kanye West: A Timeline of the Best ‘Very Kanye’ Moments

Kanye west

American hip-hop artist and fashion entrepreneur Kanye West has been the icon for lewd outbursts and frequent condescension for years, and he hasn’t changed. In fact, it seems like the rapper has actually been slowly crossing every red line he possibly can. This is a timeline of the best ‘Kanye moments’ since the rapper made his mark in the music industry.

1. George Bush Doesn’t Care about Black People (2005)

Clearly West doesn’t feel the need to filter his words when talking about the then-president George Bush. At least he’s being honest. That’s his usual excuse any way. Clearly, Chris Tucker doesn’t feel the same way, judging by the shocked “Did he really just say that?” expression that crossed his face the second West got the sentence out.

2. He just couldn’t leave Bush alone (2008)

Even after he apologized to Bush, Kanye alluded to the same thing in the song “Go Hard” three years later by saying, “I’ma tell you like George Bush told me, **** y’all n****s I’m outta here!”

Because when Kanye West goes hard, he goes really hard.

Kanye West

3. I’ma let you finish… (2009)

Who could ever forget Taylor Swift’s brightest award acceptance moment, hand delivered to her by none other than the infamous Kanye West himself? The rapper interrupted Swift during her speech as she accepted the Best Female Video award at the VMAs in 2009, vehemently stating that Beyonce’s video was “the best video of all time.”

4. AIDS is the government’s fault (2010)

In his song “Gorgeous” and in several other songs, Kanye West points out that the government is responsible for the disease. He says, “I treat cash like the government treats AIDS, I won’t rest until all my n****s get it!”

Safe to say West isn’t the American government’s biggest fan.

5. Paparazzi Power (2013)

West attacked a man outside of Los Angeles airport last July for holding a camera and aiming it at him when he didn’t want him to. Bad idea. What was this man thinking? Kanye West does not like photographers. He does not like when they take pictures of him when he’s not dressed like Jesus. He does not like green eggs and ham.

7. Clearly it isn’t a race issue… (2013)

West also verbally attacked Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s duet song Suit and Tie earlier this year. He said that he “Never won a Grammy vs. a white person.”

Yes. Timberlake’s whiteness does win him awards.

6. You’re not safe either, Jimmy Kimmel (2013)

A couple of months ago, Jimmy Kimmel did a funny just-for-laughs spoof of Kanye West on a radio interview that did not make the usually calm and collected rapper happy. West took to Twitter and attacked Jimmy Kimmel through a series of angry tweets consisting of several completely unrelated statements, including one about his daughter.

No one is off-limits. Not even baby North West.

Of course, there have been other Kanye moves that took place solely online, but if anything is certain, it’s that this is one man who doesn’t care for limits. He does what he wants, says what he wants and offends who he wants.

And he’ll do it without a suit and tie, thank you very much.

By: Hend Salah

Huffington Post

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