Alec Baldwin’s Dinner Guest Found Guilty of Stalking Him

Alec Baldwin’s Dinner Guest Found Guilty of Stalking Him

Alec Baldwin’s dinner guest found guilty of stalking him also was found guilty of harassment and contempt of court and sentenced to six-months in jail for her crimes. According to reports, Judge Mandelbaum opined that Genevieve Sabourin, 41, showed no respect for the legal system and indeed apparently carried out an escalated campaign to harass and annoy Alec Baldwin and his wife. In only five minutes, the judge ruled that Sabourin proved guilty of two counts of stalking and one count per each act of harassment and aggravated harassment. He then stated to Sabourin that the rules of civil society apply to her as to everyone else. The question now is does that include the actor, Alec Baldwin, as well?

In 2002, French-Canadian Sabourin, also an aspiring actress, worked for Martin Bregman, 87, the producer of the comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash, in which Baldwin played a minor part. While lunching with Sabourin in Montreal, Bregman introduced Sabourin, his publicist for the film, to Baldwin and from there sprung what today appears to be yet another scandal for the married man Baldwin involving the woman found guilty of stalking him!

Fortified with theatrical courtroom drama, the no-jury trial in Manhattan upheld more of a “He said. She said” kind of confusing battle, that possibly wrongly overshadowed the devastated defendant, but could have altogether been prevented by Baldwin himself if he had tried. The story seemed to have started in 2010, when Baldwin and Sabourin, both single at the time, met for dinner. Baldwin claims that he took Sabourin to dinner once to give her some pointers on her career. Sabourin, however, contends that, more than dinner, she had a romantic bond with Baldwin, sexual intercourse, and a beautiful relationship, until he broke it off without explanation.

According to Sabourin, Baldwin didn’t only discuss career with her, he showed her New York City and Central Park, took her to see a Broadway show, took her out to eat a cozy meal at the fancy Elio’s Restaurant, and then went to the Lowell Hotel; where they continued that romantic evening in bed, having sex. She insists that they had corresponded with each other for months, via emails and over the phone at night, and that there was even talk of marriage. Sabourin made no secret that she fell in love with Baldwin and stated that his communication with her gave her the impression that the feelings were mutual.

Baldwin alleges that the dinner that he took this guest to was done as a courtesy to Marty Bregman, whose girlfriend this was. Supposedly, Bregman had made mention to Baldwin that Sabourin was interested in learning more about the acting aspect of her career and asked Baldwin if he would help her out and, apparently, Baldwin obliged them. Except, no one, and least of all Baldwin, expected that Baldwin’s long-time friend, Marty, would now have to set the record straight and point out to reporters that Sabourin was not his girlfriend; she was Baldwin’s extra girlfriend!

At one point while on the witness stand, Baldwin grew emotional as he testified against the defendant who allegedly had been stalking and harassing him, and denied ever being amorously enmeshed with her. Sabourin, beside herself through the entire trial and with what she deemed were lies upon lies, distracted the proceeding by yelling out that he was lying!

Things got so wild and heated in the courtroom that the judge had to reprimand Sabourin several times for her behavior and threaten her with incarceration for contempt if she didn’t refrain from interrupting the plaintiff. It appeared, however, that Sabourin was stubborn, or did not know to wait for her turn to speak. Apparently, overtaken by Baldwin’s denial of the sexual relationship and degrading testimonies of her, Sabourin erupted and shouted, “You have a scar!” –on the hip, she showed, with her hand to her hip, to which reports say, Baldwin glared at her. At which time, the judge, by now fed up with her unruliness, ordered Sabourin escorted from the courtroom and she was removed by her lawyer. All the while screaming and yelling that she didn’t do anything wrong, that Baldwin was lying!

Sabourin got her chance to testify on her behalf. Of the romantic relationship she alleges they had, sources say that tearfully she said that while they made love in her room at the hotel, Baldwin made this promise to her: “I make the best omelets in the world and I’d be happy to make you omelets every morning for the rest of your life.”

She testified that at the time she lived in Montreal and that she found Baldwin very charming, she said they talked about her relocating to New York so that they could be closer to each other. She said, “But then Baldwin started seeing his future wife,” and added that her attempts to speak with him were instances where she was trying to find closure. She said that she wasn’t a stalker. She was Baldwin’s ex-girlfriend, she said.

Still, one wonders in the aftermath, as Alec Baldwin’s dinner guest is found guilty of stalking him, was this trial really a fair one for Ms. Sabourin? After all, Baldwin never did show “the scar” that Sabourin shouted in court he has on his hip, to disprove her, nor did she have the advantage of the astonishing statements given to reporters by her former employer, Martin Bregman, to back her. Moreover, neither Baldwin nor Sabourin ever produced evidence of Baldwin’s written responses to her. Supposedly, he did tell the court that he had stopped responding to her emails when Sabourin became obsessive, so where are these letters?


By Christina L. Ibbotson

New York Times

TV Guide 

 Express News

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