Apple Inc. Amps up iPad Mini to 4M

apple inc, ipad miniRecently Apple Inc. has increased the iPad Mini to 4M. The iPad Mini 2 did not have as much preparation as the iPad Air which is why this adjustment was made after being released. This meant the device did not have the same issues. Considering Digitimes doesn’t have the best track record, they cannot tell if the iPad Mini actually reached the 4 million sale point.

About a week ago, DisplayMate did a report about the picture quality on the tablet. The study includes the iPad Mini with the Retina display, 7-inch Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. An interesting thing about the study is that Apple Inc.’s tablet arrived in third place.

The mini tablets have higher than Full High Definition. Full High Definition is roughly 325 Pixels Per Inch. A person with perfect vision cannot resolve the individual pixels so to them, the display appears to be precise and sharp. Since the resolution and sharpness are taken care of the other challenging issues are being focused on for the Mini Tablets.

One of the perfections for the device is the picture quality. Many are saying it is better than a typical HDTV. A second perfection for the Mini Tablets is the color. The tablets have true color accuracy with an accurate image contrast. The third and last perfect that stands out is the screen performance. It is in high ambient light considering Tablets aren’t used in the dark.

It is fortunate that Apple Inc. will be expected to keep their share of the profits considering the banking on tablets next year. Next year it is expected to see cheaper Android tablets from Lenovo Group Limited, Hewlett-Packard Company, Acer Incorporated and Asustek Computer, Inc. These companies are expected to be taking over the market next year when the Android tablets become cheaper.

In November the Apple Inc. iPad Minis have reached 4 million orders just within this month. The iPad Minis were hit with low supply after Apple was having issues getting enough Retina Displays. This problem stems from holding back production due to the “Retina” display. It has been reported that the Apple chain in Taiwan just placed an order for 4 million iPad mini models just in November.

Apple Inc. is getting ready for the holiday shopping to begin by showing faith in their manufacturing partners. The manufacturing partners are trusted to be able to fill large orders. Due to the increase in production, the public will see more iPad Mini devices in retail stores world-wide. The shortage made it hard for the public to find the iPad Mini in retail up until mid-November.

On Apple Inc. website, the iPad Mini lists to be shipped within 5 to 10 business days. The price for the iPad Mini starts at $479 for 16GB Wi-Fi. The price ranges between $479 and increases up to $949 for the 128GB. These are both Wi-Fi and obtain cellular connectivity. These devices can come in grey and silver. It is no wonder sales for the iPad Mini by Apple Inc. has soared this month.

By Anjulina MaComber





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  1. Sam   November 28, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    This article is one of the most poorly written that I’ve ever read. Significant portions of it are so badly written that it’s quite difficult to understand what is meant.

  2. mds   November 27, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    “An interesting thing about the study is that Apple Inc.’s tablet arrived in third place.”

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