Assam Rape Festival in India Prompts Mass Shooting Festival in U.S.

Assam Rape Festival in India Prompts Mass Shooting Festival in U.S.

Assam Rape Festival

Update: The following story is based on a fake news story that was reported by numerous news outlets.

A festival in India, named the Assam Rape Festival, prompted the creation of the Great American Mass Shooting Festival in the U.S. The internet was outraged over the details published of the Assam Rape Festival that publications went viral in a few hours and were shared 212,000 times on Facebook’s network.

This festival allegedly began in 43 BC by Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu, who raped everyone in the village of Doomdooma. According to reports, the festival is a few days away but men are already starting celebrations. Girls, who are unmarried and between ages 7-16, already started to flee for safety.

The head of the festival, Madhuban Ahluwalia, spoke to reporters about the importance of the festival and how it has been a long time tradition in Assam where “we rape the evil demons out of the girls.” According to him, if they did not have the festival, the girls would cheat on them. He declared it wasnecessary for everyone.”

All year there is training for the event. Ahluwalia thinks he will get the Baalkrishan prize this year for sure” because he practiced.

One girl told reporters she almost made it through last year’s festival. “I got to the ‘rape-free-zone’ at the edge of town,” then at the last minute, nine men tackled her. She felt lucky to participate in this year’s event because if she didn’t, she “would be put to death by stoning.”

Readers were infuriated by the details of the festival. The Assam Rape Festival publication went viral around the internet. Except, everybody failed to realize-it was fake.

The festival does not exist. The article about the festival was intended to be satire. At the end of the article, those who wanted to participate or find out more information could call the hotline number given.

The media outlet that published it, National Report, received wide criticism from India and the rest of the world. Assam’s Criminal Investigation Department began a “suo motu” case against website for circulating a defamatory story.

Hindustan Times received a statement from the Chief Minister immediately that said,the fraudulent and extremely unethical article about the completely fictitious festival is an act of serious disrespect and total disregard shown towards the humble and unsuspecting people of our beautiful state of Assam.” He added how “the writer of such a piece of pure evil is not fit for human society.”

Then, the backlash from the Assam Rape Festival prompted the Indian response article entitled “The Great American Mass Shooting Festival Begins Next Week.”

At the U.S. event, the “great” American people would be exercising their “God given, and constitutionally protected, right” to bear arms. “The Freedom Group” would sponsor the event. There were designated Iraq and Afghanistan themed shooting areas that would have women wearing Burqas. One person who has attended the event for 40 years said, “I used to come here with my father and we had a great time shooting down those n******.”

The Indian response took clear jabs at controversial topics in the U.S. but then followed with a disclaimer and apology.

Found in the first line of the disclaimer is the denouncing of the above article as “fake.” The author mentions it is a response to the Assam Rape Festival publication and notes that the other publication never mentioned that it was a fake.

The Indian author then offered an apology because “making fun of deaths of innocents is unpardonable.” He noted that Indians were shocked about the mass Sandy Hook shooting and did not understand why Americans insist on carrying guns. He also admitted that Indians are ashamed of the crimes surfacing in India about heightened domestic violence and rape.

Ironically, the United States statistically has more rape cases than India, while India still has shootings even though citizens are not permitted to bear arms. The Indian author pointed out that while India seems horrible towards its women in the news, India currently has a woman as President of the India National Congress, Sonia Ghandi. The most powerful person in India is a woman. India broke that glass ceiling even before the U.S.

It is controversial to publish a satirical article using topics of rape, mass shooting and domestic violence. Victims and citizens who survived through those crimes suffer serious issues that plague them for life. That makes these topics certainly taboo for satire publications.

By Cayce Manesiotis

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International Report

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