Batkid and the Power of Humanity

Batkid saves San Francisco
The city of San Francisco, CA is currently being saved by 5-year-old superhero Batkid, who’s greatest power appears to be revealing the humanity of ordinary people.

Pausing only for a quick burger, Batkid, aka. Miles, is busy rescuing the San Francisco Giants’ mascot from kidnappers, chasing arch-villain Penguin and apprehending the Riddler. His services had been personally requested by Police Chief Greg Suhr and, dressed as Batman and accompanied by similarly-attired Eric Johnston from the Make-A-Wish Foundation that made this adventure possible, Miles will be spending the day ridding San Francisco of bad guys and rescuing citizens.

It is unlikely that Batkid Miles will be greatly troubled by the various villains he’ll be tackling today; he is already in the process of defeating one of the world’s most prolific and merciless killers. Miles is currently in remission, having battled leukemia for more than three years.

Batkid in actionThe people of San Francisco have turned out in droves to cheer on their diminutive hero and to participate in his adventures. Social media is on fire with reports of Batkid’s epic battle. This is a day for humanity as Americans realize that, political and other differences aside, they are still human and can share in the joy of helping to make one little boy’s wish come true. @sfbatkid currently has almost 10,000 twitter followers.

In order to get in shape for his crime-fighting heroics, Batkid spent time Thursday acquiring some acrobatic skills at San Francisco’s Circus Center.

Without question, this day will never be forgotten by the 5-year-old caped crusader, but it should be a day that Americans remember: It is a day marked by an outpouring of humanity as people, for a brief time, focus not upon their own lives but on the fulfilling of one little boy’s wish.

Not to mention the fact that San Francisco will be a safer city by the end of the day.

By Graham J Noble


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