Bernhard Goetz Arrested for Selling Pot

Where is Goetz now?

Bernhard Goetz

Bernhard Goetz arrested for pot sale?  Unlikely “where are they now” kind of story to read about Goetz.  If anything, you would predict that someday Goetz would don a cape and fight the good drug war.  It is not the first time Americans have woken up to such news when it involved over-precocious teen stars or young actresses who got their thrills by shoplifting random stuff.

But Bernhard Goetz?

Goetz was in the national limelight when he shot four black teenagers on December 22, 1984, aboard a Manhattan subway car.  His actions caused quite a controversy.

The New York Post reported that Mr. Goetz sold a small amount of marijuana to a female undercover cop. Goetz even offered to smoke the pot with her.  When he came back from his Union Square apartment with the pot wrapped up in a tissue, he was arrested.

Neighbors were flabbergasted when it was revealed it was pot that led to Goetz’s arrest.

“Bernie? Oh, come on, they arrested him for that? It’s just pot, they should let him go,” said doorman John D’Antonia, 71, who works close to Goetz’s home.  “People will now probably say he shot those kids because he was high.”

D’Antonia’s theory aside, it was more probable that Goetz shot the four young men on the subway because he was obsessed with a vengeance, which brought him to desperate acts against the hoodlums.  Goetz brought a gun.  Goetz used it immediately after provocation, according to his story.

Something does ring true in D’Antonia’s logic.  Should we Americans applaud Goetz for changing his ways? Certainly he has come a long way, and taken the pacifist role by handing pot in a tissue to a female buyer, instead of brandishing a gun at the undercover officer when the jig was up.

It is slightly hippyish of  Goetz to sell such low amounts of marijuana to a female officer.  Totally not Rambo. American citizens may even have the right to feel a bit of disappointment in Goetz for his criminal behavior.  It is a shame it has come to this…

Bernhard Goetz was walked to a local police station, then transported to Manhatten Central Booking.  Cops escorting Goetz shouted at news photographers and reporters to go across the street.  Then the officers parked the van carrying him next to the courthouse door to avoid photographers.

It has been 29 years since Bernhard Goetz shot four youths whom he says were antagonizing him.  Goetz pleaded that he was just fed up with being harrassed on the subway each day. That would be one way to get rid of that pesky hoodlum on your morning commute, however, Goetz was not self-aware enough to check himself from carrying a gun on a train and using it on his captive victim audience.

Goetz is charged with criminal possession, criminal sale and unlawful possession of marijuana, Sgt. Carlos Nieves told CNN.

Bernhard Goetz:  Where are you now?  Arrested for a pot sale?  Shut the front door!


By Lisa M Pickering

New York Post

CNN News

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  1. jordan5565   November 4, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Wow! 29 years ago? I was a junior in HS. Just had my 30th HS REUNION, where has the time gone?
    I love the last line! Way to go Lisa


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