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Beyoncé Echoes Jay Z With Tribute to Blue Ivy [video]

Listen as Beyoncé Pays Tribute to her daughterBeyoncé pays tribute to her daughter in song. Her husband and best friend, Jay Z, paid a tribute to Blue Ivy when she was born and now Beyoncé has done the same. It’s no surprise that these music moguls would take the opportunity to make a song about their, almost 2-year-old, pride and joy.

Blue Ivy made her grand entrance into the world in January 2012. Beyoncé and Jay Z constantly express how becoming parents has changed their lives for the better.

In the tribute Beyoncé sings so melodiously

“You were brought into my life and I kissed your feet and watched for your perfect smile. When you were born, the angels signed in delight; tears were shed. How we had been blessed. I found love; I found peace of the purest kind. God made you beautiful; you bring me back to life and make everything right.”

The song entitled, “God Made You Beautiful” is a ballad that includes personal and heartfelt moments with Blue Ivy. The tribute was leaked online Friday but many hope it will be included in this proud mother’s upcoming album.

From the moment Beyoncé went public with her “love on top” until now; she has displayed nothing but excitement Beyoncé Echoes Jay Z With Tribute to Blue Ivyabout motherhood. She first revealed her baby bump on the MTV Video Music Awards’ black carpet.

Reportedly these superstar parents spent over two months supervising renovation to Beyoncé’s delivery and recovery rooms at Lenox Hill Hospital. A hospital employee said that the couple installed a bulletproof door to the room and had the windows darkened.

The employee said the queen’s room was bulletproof; it was custom-made and totally different. In addition to the standard hospital security, Beyoncé had her own security team present.

The couple went through all this trouble to insure that their daughter was as safe as humanly possible as she made her entrance into the world.

After her birth the proud papa released his rap tribute entitled, “Glory” featuring his bundle of joy. He reveals his feeling about his daughter in song saying,

“Most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe the feeling for real. Baby I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you, Glory.”

He also gave a window into previous miscarriages that he and his queen endured by adding, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic; we was afraid you’d disappear but nah, baby, you magic.”

When speaking of Blue Ivy not long ago he said that she is something that he and his queen created and they still marvel at her. He also spoke of his paranoia about not being a good father. Jay’s father left when he was young; he never took the time to teach him how to be a husband, father or even a man.

Beyoncé Echoes Jay Z With Tribute to Blue IvyJay Z said at the end of the day he is not his father; he’s a different type of guy. He’s a man of principles so despite his apparent paranoia, this proud daddy said he’s sure he will figure it out.

Jay couldn’t wait to tell the world how proud he was of his new creation. Beyoncé has echoed her husband, not in a rap, but her own music style of choice.

In the new single Beyoncé further expresses her love for Blue Ivy; her and Jay’s only child.

For all of Queen Bey’s fans that have been longing for new music to hit the airwaves this tribute should wet their taste buds as they continue to wait. Beyoncé hasn’t released an album since 2011; so it is about time.

For many this isn’t their first time hearing the song “God Made You Beautiful.” A snippet of the song was first heard during Beyoncé’s HBO documentary Life is But a Dream. Even though this song is reminiscent of Bey’s “Halo” days; the context is very different.

The leak, even though not Beyoncé approved, has already begun to stir up conversation about an upcoming album.Beyoncé Echoes Jay Z With Tribute to Blue Ivy

According to fellow musical artist, Pharrell Williams, the new is album is very close to being finished and will be worth the wait. Williams said the new album is crazy; but Beyoncé won’t release it until she feels like the project is perfected. He said she has a very specific taste and is very particular when it comes to her sound. Williams said the reason her name is recognized worldwide is because she is a perfectionist who knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it. He ended with, “that’s why she‘s the queen.”

Beyoncé echoes Jay Z with a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to her daughter in song. Blue Ivy’s daddy couldn’t wait this long; he released his tribute right after she was born. It’s no surprise that these proud parents would jump at the opportunity to make a song about their pride and joy.

Listen to “God Made You Beautiful” in the included video.


By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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