Bitcoin Massively Fluctuates from $500 to $900 Overnight!


On Monday morning November 18th 2013 Bitcoin was valued at just over $500 USD per coin, and during a 28-hour period between then and early Tuesday, Bitcoin had sky-rocketed up to a record $900.98 USD only to quickly plummet all the way back down to just a little bit above $500 in value. This has been one of the biggest market value fluctuations for the digital currency so far.

Right now might be a good time to try your luck on the Bitcoin rollercoaster and see if you can make an overnight profit with the massive fluctuation in value going on currently. The general trend of the market is upwards, so if it does drop off for a while you can expect it to eventually rise again. Just hold on to your Bitcoins until you see a significant increase in value from the price you bought each Bitcoin, and sell them off for cold hard cash.

By Brandon Webb


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