Jennifer Lawrence Played by Cookie Monster in Hungry Games (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence Played by Cookie Monster in Hungry Games (Video)

Sesame Street has produced their own variation on The Hunger Games with the Jennifer Lawrence part being played by Cookie Monster in The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. There has been a little poetic license taken with names, Cookie is Cookieness Evereat and instead of sounding like a teenage hero, Cookieness sounds like, well, Cookie Monster.

While wearing a wig of long brown hair all it takes to get Cookieness to volunteer for the Hungry Games is the statement, “May your cookie be ever in your flavor.” Once that phrase has been uttered, Evereat is seen running through the forest participating in the “first installment” of the Hungry Games. Cookie as Jennifer Lawrence is funny, and for him quite calm.

Now that the sequel of the real Hunger Games is out, the parody by Sesame Street is well timed. Featuring Cookieness, Finicky, Tick Tock Lady and Pita, the small group must solve two “eating” puzzles to win the Hungry Games. Of course Sesame Street is aimed at children so some of the elements of the film and book have been made more child friendly.

The CG killer monkeys are now “poking” monkeys who poke the group when they start to eat the wrong food. In this case, Cookieness starts to eat a banana and the monkeys get excited and start poking the four players. Once they solve the puzzle of what they should eat instead of the banana, the monkeys disappear.

Of course the biggest change has to do with the Jennifer Lawrence character being played by Cookie Monster in the Sesame Street production of The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. Lawrence does not have to worry about Cookie taking over her role in the real film despite the humor he brings to his channeling of the part.

The other big change is the nature of the poison fog. In Sesame Street’s Hungry Games it becomes “tickling” fog. In this puzzle, it looks as though Pita, who is shaped like a round pita bread, could become the puzzle’s answer to what Cookieness Evereat should consume to win the games.

Tick Tock Lady comes to the rescue as she nervously indicates the time they are wasting by gesturing with her round clock, which is the shape that must be eaten next for the four teammates to win. Sesame Street’s The Hungry Games: Catching Fur was posted on YouTube Tuesday November 18. The video already has well over 400,000 views and rising.

Comments on the video have ranged from viewers congratulating the creators at the Street for making the “obvious” choice of making “Peta” into Pita; a round bit of bread, to one comment saying that the material would have been more appropriate for the muppets than for Sesame Street. Apparently the commenter is not aware that the muppets are Sesame Street but educational with their humor versus just funny.

Another comment mentions that award winning actress or not, Jennifer Lawrence can rest easy knowing that if Sesame Street “spoofs” you in a parody; you have arrived.

Over 600 comments have been left on the video and while 3,350 viewers like the video, an amazing 189 disliked it. Obviously some people either have no sense of humor, or they do not get it. There is a third choice, of course, the folks who hit the dislike icon may not like muppets, whether they be in Sesame Street or not.

Sesame Street’s Crumby Productions of The Hungry Games: Catching Fur with Cookie Monster as the Jennifer Lawrence character of Katniss Everdeen shows once again why the “edutainment” show has run for so long. The mix of tongue-in-cheek humor with outright parody appeals to both children and adults. It also proves that muppets are funny, whether they are being educational or not. Watch Cookieness Evereat in the video below and see what you think.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom



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