Justin Bieber: Target for Abuse or Merely Vulnerable to Industry?

 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has become the leading role of many headlines since his career began to take off, but I have to ask: is the target for abuse he has become really fair, or is he merely yet another young  star who has become vulnerable to the celebrity industry?

Recent critiques of Justin Bieber have come from his 19th birthday party, where he sprinkled his abode with $10,000 worth of strippers and other naked females rather than balloons and confetti. Not the average party down the pub you would expect from a teenager of his age! This type of expenditure so normal to the celebrity industry is certainly going to taint the mind of someone so young, who has enough money to do with whatever he pleases.

However rather than being a target for abuse, Justin Bieber should be seen without his celebrity image as the 19 year old teenager he is, who is merely vulnerable to the industry that many are completely ignorant to. It has become easier to criticize Bieber than to make him aware of the influences he is really under and the artificial world he has become accustomed to. To him, this lifestyle of drugs sex and rock’n’roll will be the norm. Every dream for a boy of that age, able to obtain anything he could possibly want.

Justin Bieber

His ex girlfriend Selena Gomez was one of the first to cast her opinion as she said she “hates the guy Justin has become”. With his new band of elder friends all from the celebrity industry, Justin Bieber has become one in a long list of celebrities who want to get their name out into the world and impress the crowd they are surrounded by. Celebrities like Chris Brown, TI, Trey Songs and Snoop Lion were all invited by Bieber to join his celebrity bash equipped with strippers, weed and three open bars.

Justin Bieber has also been criticized of late for prostitution videos, graffiti charges and a visit to Brazil’s most renowned whorehouses, not to mention an incomplete concert to add to the list.

According to Selena, concerns need to be aired now more than ever as Justin’s ego spirals out of control and his bad-boy behavior takes flight. Rather than abuse and criticism, Justin Bieber appears to need bringing back down to reality to the boy he one was as he becomes victim to the crazy celebrity lifestyle and the deceptive privileges, that to him will seem like a gift wrapped with a pretty bow.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s new movie is set to be released on Christmas day. Director Jon Chu has stated he knows Bieber is not perfect, but that this movie will reveal that Bieber is a “good kid” underneath all the blemishes of the media and that when he makes mistakes he realizes this and tries to learn from them. He also insists that from this movie people will really see the truth that a lot of stories about Bieber are immensely inaccurate.

Justin Bieber has undoubtedly become an unmissable target for abuse recently, however the boy is merely 19 years of age and therefore going to be vulnerable and mislead by the celebrity life style. He was bound to make a pivotal point from his boy next door image at some point with so much money and fame. However, it is worrying as many young celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, are strolling down the wrong path and falling deep into the corruption of the industry. We hope Bieber can escape the wreckage before it’s too late.

By Melissa McDonald