Blue Suede Shoes of Elvis Presley May Fetch Small Fortune

Elvis Presley and his blue suede shoes still popular today
The name of Elvis Presley is still enough to fetch a small fortune, with his iconic blue suede shoes expected to sell for $80,000 in on auction on December 6, decades after his death. The size 10 brogues were the only pair of blue suede shoes that Elvis ever owned. They were ordered for him in 1956 after he had a hit with the Carl Perkins song Blue Suede Shoes.

Elvis Presley wore the blue suede shoes so much that the soles of them have circular wear caused from his gyrating dance moves that caused the females in his audiences to scream and swoon.  Elvis Presley and his blue suede shoes still popular today

Presley owned the shoes for four years, and then he gave them as a gift to his roadie and the best man at his wedding, Joe Esposito. This was in 1960 after Elvis returned from having served in the US Army.

Chris Davidson bought the famous blue suede shoes in 1994 and he displayed them in Las Vegas at his Elvis-A-Rama museum, were they were a crowd favorite.

Along with the blue suede shoes that Elvis Presley once owned will go a letter from the manager of Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, where Elvis purchased his stage costumes. The letter requests Presley’s clothing and shoe sizes.

In case you’re wondering what size of clothing the King wore, a penciled note specifies that Presley had a 32″ waist and a size 40 chest, besides size 10 shoes.

Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors also created the famous $10,000 gold lame suit that Elvis Presley wore on the cover of his album 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong.

A letter from Esposito will also be included in the sale, confirming that they were a present from the King to him and were given to him in 1960.

The song Blue Suede Shoes was really a bigger hit in 1955 for Carl Perkins than it ever was for Elvis, hitting Number One on the charts; but, everyone remembers Presley’s version more than that of Perkins. Presley’s version only managed to reach Number 20 on the charts.

The blue suede shoes that Elvis Presley owned represent him in the minds of the public much Michael Jackson’s red Thriller jacket represents him, or Judy Garland’s red slippers from The Wizard of Oz represents her.

Elvis Presley re-released the song in 1960. It was a song in the soundtrack to his flick G.I.Blues. The blue suede shoes have gold grommets and matching blue laces.

Elvis Presley is undoubtedly still one of the biggest names in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, and he also made significant contributions to other musical genres, such as Rockabilly, Country, and Gospel. With his iconic blue suede shoes expected to be sold at an auction on December 6 for $80,000, that is proof that the King, while having passed away, is still very much alive and adored in the minds of his fans around the entire world.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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