California School Crowned First Female Homecoming King

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Rebeca Arellano First Lesbian Homecoming KingA high school in California was the first school to break the mode and crown a lesbian couple homecoming king and queen. This same-sex couple became the first lesbian couple nationwide to be crowned. Over the past few years it seems other schools have followed suit.

Today same-sex couples share the privilege of marriage so it’s no wonder that many schools now have changed their view when as it relates to homecoming honors.

Patrick Henry High School named Rebeca Arellano as the school’s first female homecoming king on a Friday night during the school’s pep rally. She said as they were chanting her name it was one of the most amazing experiences she ever had.

Haileigh Adams, Arellano’s girlfriend, was made homecoming queen on the following Saturday night at the school’s dance. At that time both Adams and Arellano were seniors at Patrick Henry High School.

Arellano wrote on FaceBook that she was happier when her little Haileigh won than when she did. She said she couldn’t feel happier. She also thanked everyone that voted for her and her girlfriend. Arellano told them they made this happen and they are all a part of something huge. The king said she was totally shocked that it happened and can’t find words to fully express her gratitude. She concluded her FaceBook post by saying that her girl looks absolutely flawless.

The newly crowned king and queen told ABC News that they were very thankful for all of the support they had received from family and friends as well as the staff and students of the school.

King Arellano was told by one of her teachers that their school became better because of the two of them.

Many others took to the wall of Arellano’s FaceBook to congratulate her. She said her wall was been flooded with congratulatory sentiments from her friends.

She responded by thanking and crediting them for allowing this change to take place.

Homecoming Queen Adams said they also received negative feedback for their accomplishment.

Adams said that they had received a great deal of support but there were almost as many people that were angered by it. She said anonymous students from their school said they were embarrassed. They said it’s erroneous for a female to take the spot designated for the king.

Adams said there was no other way for the couple to run and it wouldn’t be fair if they don’t have the same right to run as a couple.

King Arellano posted her feelings on her FaceBook wall; she penned it to all of the people who are opposed to her crowning. She said for all of the girls who feel tradition should be continued, go back into the kitchen, drop out of school and the job system, quit having sex before marriage, don’t own any property, don’t vote, don’t have an opinion, allow your husband to do whatever he chooses to you and give up the right to marry who you love.

She concluded her statement by telling the opposing viewers to think about what tradition means when they use it to argue against them.

Arellano and Adams, Patrick Henry‘s first King and Queen, both announced their sexual preference during their freshman year of high school. They became a couple in February of their sophomore year. They did all of this with the support of both of their parents.

At Calabasas High School in Los Angeles, lesbian teens Lily Cohen and Greta Melendez, were crowned this week.

Also this week in Portland, Oregon, Laurel Osborne and Sophia Schoenfeld were named Cleveland High School’s homecoming princess and princess.

A California couple, Rebeca Arellano and Haileigh Adams, was the first lesbian couple nationwide to be crowned with the distinct title of homecoming king and queen.

Patrick Henry High School paved the way for communities everywhere to evolve; as a result many other schools have now adopted this tradition.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

The Blaze

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