Charlie Sheen-It’s Happening Again

Charlie Sheen rages against Ex

Charlie Sheen is yet again embroiled in some major drama, and true to form, events are twisting and turning in that crazy Charlie Sheen way that leaves everyone wondering what exactly is happening. Sheen claims his ex-wife is endangering their twin boys and that they are not safe in her custody. Mueller has a history of difficulty maintaining sobriety, and Sheen is desperately trying to defend his sons by speaking out against her. He has done this by publicly ripping on her and ignoring court issued gag orders.

Concerns include that his ex-wife turned her home into a “terrarium” full of lizards, spiders and the like, and that being surrounding by all these creepy crawlies was causing his kids to have night terrors. He claims that his children leave his home “fine” and return from time with Mueller with significant behavioral problems, such as outbursts that lead to them kicking animals and other people.

He accused child protective services of being “parental protective services” and claims that Mueller should not be living in her home and that she should be in rehab. He also stresses that she won’t let the children be evaluated by a psychologist which he assumes is because she is afraid of what they will find out. Sheen says that what goes on in the house is “so criminal and so completely unacceptable it’s just…it’s beyond the pale.”

Official reports say that Mueller is “nurturing” and “attentive,” which Sheen counters by saying that the children were recently found teetering on the edge of the arm of a couch while the floor was covered with lizards and grub worms. He alleges that the kids are not being taken care of because Mueller is too involved in doing drugs.

Because of what he claims is happening, Charlie Sheen wants full custody of his children. Despite being ordered by the courts not to comment on the ongoing investigation into his claims, he says that the reports pertaining to the case were brimming with falsities and things that defy belief. He wouldn’t elaborate, for his own protection, but he did stress that he feared for his children’s safety “every second that they’re with her.” He then claimed to be a mellow guy.

When asked about any evidence of physical injury, he alleges that one of his children came home and within four hours had a rash that looked as if it were a burn.

The children are just starting to return to Mueller’s care after they were removed from her custody earlier this year when a judge deemed her unable to provide a safe environment for them. Shortly after this she checked herself into rehab and began her 20th stint in her battle for sobriety. In September of this year a video was released of her smoking what appeared to be crack and discussing the purchase of $1,500 worth of meth. It is reported that the video was shot before she lost custody and lends a bit of insight into the concerns expressed by Sheen.

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to troubled behavior, though. Practically every sentient person in the United States will recall Sheen’s last epic meltdown which resulted in his being fired from Two and a Half Men. Media outlets were alight with reports of his angry rants, this time directed at Chuck Lorre, the show’s creator. Sheen was mocked far and wide by many claiming to have “tiger blood” in his veins and for being a “Vatican assassin warlock.”

Member of the media speculated at the time that he was using again, since he also has an extensive history of drug abuse. Mental health professionals took to blogs to point out that Charlie Sheen exhibited many symptoms of bipolar disorder. They expressed concern that since he was under the impression that he could heal himself instantly by sheer will, he would be less receptive to the notion of maintaining a real treatment plan.

Things settled down after awhile though, and Sheen was working and doing well, even reaching out to Lindsay Lohan to offer guidance and support in her own struggles with substance abuse. Now, he is back to seeking out public ways to rage against another person, this time the mother of his twin boys.

His rants appear to have resulted in him losing custody of the very children he was trying to protect. Speculations have arisen that his statements against the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services caused him to lose custody out of spite.

However, the two decades of drug abuse is accompanied by as long a record of abusive behavior towards women. Add to that the public outbursts recently, his Twitter rant, his call to TMZ, his threatening arson if punished for violating the gag order, and it could reasonably be argued that the DCFS had no choice but to investigate whether Sheen himself is currently capable of providing a safe environment for his twins. If what was happening with Charlie Sheen before is happening again, then it’s probably for the best that the DCFS check the situation out.

By Vanessa Blanchard




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