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 Batman Arkham Origins Enigma datapack locations Park Row Bowery Amusement Mile and Final Offer

With Batman: Arkham Origins recently released on Oct. 25, 2013, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U, many gamers are starting to rattle through the single-player campaign with joyous abandon.

Although Arkham Origins may not be quite as lengthy as its predecessors, there’s still plenty to see and do around the scum-riddled streets of Old and New Gotham. The vastness of the open-world lends itself nicely to the myriad of activities that Warner Brothers Games Montreal have lovingly bundled into the game. The player is able to collect Anarky tags, disable GCR communications towers, investigate Pinkney Plaques and, of course, hunt down the elusive Enigma datapacks / extortion files.

Batman Arkham Origins Enigma image
Enigma has hidden 200 datapacks across a variety of locales in Arkham, amounting to 20 extortion files.

Enigma – who ultimately goes on to become the Riddler – makes his return for Origins. This time round, the eccentric character has stashed a series of datapacks around the city. The green packs contain blackmail data. All in all, 200 datapacks can be found across the map; there are a total of 20 sets of 10 datapacks, located in various districts of the city, with each individual datapack set making up an extortion file.

Unearthing these extortion files unlocks additional information on the Origins story, as you are granted access to the details that Enigma is planning to dish out.

To start off collecting the datapacks, the player must first progress to Enigma’s headquarters, which transpires fairly early on in the game. After this moment, Enigma’s informants will randomly appear across various locales of the map; interrogation of his henchmen will subsequently reveal the location of some of the packs.

However, with such a vast number of datapacks spread out across the expansive city, we thought we would produce a series of articles showing gamers precisely where each of these mysterious packages are located, and how to obtain them. In part one, of three articles, we take a look at the datapacks hidden around Park Row, the Bowery, Amusement Mile and Final Offer.

Park Row Datapacks

East of communications towers: this shack is along the north edge of the shore, east of the comms towers. Explosive Gel is required to blow up the wall of the makeshift shack. Once destroyed, the first datapack will reveal itself.

West of Communications tower: Shock Gloves are required to initiate a generator that provides power to a row of four pressure pads. The generator is located at the base of the GCR tower. Step along each of the pressure pads to yield the next datapack.

South of communications tower: stand on the first pressure pad on the building roof. Run off of the lower part of the building and glide towards a wall-mounted pressure pad, situated on the building wall, on the opposite side of the street. Once this second pad has been pushed, turn 180 degrees and glide back to the wall of the original building, from which you originally launched; a final pressure pad will present itself, which will release the datapack.

Northeast building: behind the building, close to where the unfinished freeway ends (near the sea) lies a computer. Destroy said computer to release the Enigma’s next pack.

Rear of church roof: speed is of the essence with this one. You’ll find a pressure pad on top of the church roof; once pressed, you will have seven seconds to grapple back to the main church spire. Use the Batclaw to hoist the datapack to your location, from a distance.

Roof of building with Soder Cola Sign: destroy shack with weakened wall, using Explosive Gel.

Soder Cola building in Park RowWest of Park Row (billboard): in the top right-hand corner of the “Transatlantic by Air” billboard, you will find another datapack, which can be acquired with the grapple. The billboard is southwest of the GCR comms tower, close to the river.

West of Park Row (billboard): on top of the building with the pink neon sign, and in front of an orange Amertek billboard, there are a total of five light switches that gradually light up. Once all of the lights have been lit green, throw a Batarang at the last light to have become illuminated.

West of Park Row (sewer access): open the door leading towards the sewer access, which ultimately hooks up to Bane’s headquarters. Travel through the ventilation shaft and down the first flight of stairs to reach a balcony area.

Throw a remote-controlled Batarang towards the fence, directly opposite from where you stand. Glide the Batarang through a hole in the fence and hit the wall-mounted switch. Part of the top of the fence will open up to expose an anchor point. Use the Remote Claw to tether a line across the gap and glide along to the datapack.

(N.B. entrance to this area may, or may not, be possible, depending upon how far the player has progressed through the campaign)

Bane’s Field HQ Entrance: look for a vent in one of the offices (employ Detective Vision to find it). Use the Bat Claw to prize open the vent, and then grapple the datapack down from its hiding place.

Abandoned courthouse: To grab this Enigma pack, you will need to have finished the three Anarky bomb sites. Enter the gold door, at the reverse of the courthouse. Travel through to the back of the main room, travel up a small flight of stairs and the datapack is lying on the floor.

Church: to get this datapack, you will need to have completely destroyed all of Black Mask’s chemical containers. Enter the front of the church, travel to the back of the building and enter either one of the vents on the right or left-hand side.

Center of Light and Power building: just in front of the neon-lit sign for the company’s building, there is a shack on the roof (behind the Monarch Theater). Destroy the collapsible wall with Explosive Gel.

East of Light and Power building sign: collect the datapack on the roof, just to the left of the neon-lit light bulb and southwest of the cathedral. The pack sits on the roof, between the ventilation shaft and the wall.

South of Light and Power building: Just below the light bulb sign is a caged datapack (east of Ace Chemicals). To get inside the cage, simply slide underneath it.

Southwest of Park Row: On a balcony on the west side of the building with the radio mast is a security panel. Hack the panel using Batman’s Cryptographic Sequencer, with the password set to Quandary. Hacking the panel will provide access to the datapack.

South Center of Park Row: on the roof of a building, just west of the Gotham Light and Power building and adjacent the Ace Chemical plant, is a generator. Shocking the generator into life will trigger a surge of electricity to run through the connected antenna. Hurl a remote controlled Batarang through the electrified antenna to charge it and then manually navigate it towards the fuse box of the roof’s corner.

Ace Chemicals Roof: to the east of the Ace Chemicals building lies a shack, with an entrance that is closed off with a large, wooden panel. Connect to the anchor point, on top of the shack, and glide across the rope to smash through the paneling.

East of Ace Chemicals Building: be sure to remain vigilant for a small spot between buildings, which allows you to drop all the way down to the ground. A large metal pipe marks the area, and travels all the way down to the snow-swept area, enclosed by four brick walls. In this region, shock the generator to activate the five pressure pads; stand on pads one, three and four, in that order (from left to right).

Streets, North of the Ace Chemicals Building: Near a fire-lit barrel, a steam pipe will be found projecting from one of the buildings, blocking off access to a caged area. This area is north of the Ace Chemicals buildings and south of the Monarch Theater. Block the pipe with a Glue Grenade and sail on through to find a security panel, at the far end of the left wall.

After the “trickery” password has been identified using the Cryptographic Scanner, collect your datapack.

The Bowery Datapacks

Northwest Bowery (rear of Carmine Hotel): locate the security panel on the side of the building and hack it to release the datapack.

West Bowery (tunnel): find the generator in the tunnel, in the west end of the Bowery and jumpstart it using the Shock Gloves. This will open a gate that leads to the datapack. Before heading to collect Enigma’s stashed pack, unlatch the pipe cover, situated just above the fenced-off area to redirect the steam.

West Bowery: a little further down south, from the afore-mentioned tunnel, there is an idle generator next to four switches. Activate the generator and step on the pressure pads in the pattern that is shown by the green lights affixed to the wall of the graffiti-covered building.

GCR comms tower: glide over to the giant R of the GCR radio tower, where the datapack lies in the snow

Soder Cola Building Spire: use one of the gargoyles situated close to the Soder Cola building to propel Batman into the air; dive bomb down a short distance and then use lift to soar back into the air. Now, with sufficient height, glide over to a metal catwalk, jutting out from the spire of the Soder Cola building.

Matter Hatter HotelHotel Bridge: close to the center of the map is a bridge, situated on the right-hand side of the Mad Hatter’s Hotel. Stand on that bridge and throw a remote-controlled Batarang to activate a switch on the east end of the Hotel building. Then throw a Batarang onto the west end of the building, and quick-fire additional Batarangs onto a row of three switches located on the buildings north-face.

Alternatively, you can set Explosive Gel on the first two switches, at each end of the Hotel, detonate them, and then simply Batarang the remaining trio of switches.

Ace Chemical Building: Starting off on the Ace Chemical Building, drop down in front of the company emblem to a fenced off area; therein lies the datapack.

Northeast Bowery: on the southern Park Row/Bowery perimeter, charge a generator on the streets. Look directly above and use the Batclaw to acquire the datapack from the wall.

Hat Shop: head into the Hat Shop, placed at the center of the Bowery. Find the vent cover, remove it and head all the way along to find the next Enigma datapack.

Gotham Merchant Bank (clock): access the building through the roof and locate the spinning cogs of the buildings clock. A large cog, in the top left-hand corner of the inner clock face, has an Enigma pack stapled to one of its teeth. Wait for it to appear and the use the Batclaw to grab it.

Gotham Merchant Bank (safe access): enter the grate in front of the destroyed safe access door, in which the Enigma pack is hidden.

Gotham Merchant Bank (roof): just off from the far northwest end of the Gotham Merchant Bank’s roof (along the shore) is another depressed building that snakes around Gotham Merchant Bank in the Bowerythe Bank. Travel along this area and you will come across a series of pressure pads.

Stepping on any of these pads will close a gate, barring your entry to the datapack. Therefore, use the Remote Claw to create a means of moving across to the pack, without touching the floor.

Gotham Merchant Bank (reverse): at the back of the Bank, another weak-walled shack can be located, at ground level. Destroy the wall and grab the pack.

Merchant Bank alleyway: just a short distance in front of the Merchant Bank (to the west) is an alleyway, encompassing a pressure pad and a caged datapack. Stand on the pad to open up a small section of the cage, lob a remote-controlled Batarang through the newly opened aperture and activate a switch on the back-wall. This permanently opens up the cage and allows Batman to slide through.

Northeast Bowery: on a low rooftop in the area sits a generator and another pressure pad puzzle. Shock the generator and then set about the puzzle.

There is a three by three grid of switches located on a nearby wall. Use the pressure pads to light up the middle row of switches.

Mid-Bowery: around the middle section of the Bowery, just about “The” of the map’s “The Bowery” label, is a series of partially caged switches. Apply Explosive Gel to each of the switches, then stand on the pressure pad and detonate the gel.

Mideast Bowery: on the lower level of the building, opposite the “The Wonder Expo” sign, scour around to find a security panel. After hacking it, the datapack can be found on the mirror opposite side of the building, just above an air-conditioning unit.

Southeast Bowery (rooftop near water tower): find the rooftop just in front of the Gotham City Light and Power sign, and adjacent a large water tower. Around this area should be a pressure switch; stand on it to reveal the location of a wall-mounted switch. Batarang the green switch and scoop up the next Enigma datapack.

Southeast Bowery (street): traveling all the way to the corner of the streets in the southeast Bowery, the player should come across a weakened wall, along some derelict shops of a dead-end street. Use Explosive Gel to gain access to the pack.

Mid-east of the Bowery: directly opposite the Gotham City Light and Power sign is a balcony, three quarters of the way up the central building. Drop onto the balcony to find the pack.

Amusement Mile Datapacks

Please be aware, for our Batman: Arkham Origins guide, that all of the datapacks of the exterior of the Final Offer ship can be found in this section. All packs that are inside Penguin’s ship can be found in the “Final Offer (Interior)” section.

Southwest corner (on rooftop, behind church): on one of the rooftops, just behind the church, in the southwest corner of Amusement Mile, lies another generator. Power it using the Shock Gloves and quickly grab the datapack (at the other end of the roof) with the Batarang.

Southwest corner (ground level): on the streets, just by the afore-mentioned building, lies another datapack. Opposite the “Par-King” neon sign, and southeast of the graveyard, is a wooden fence. Climb the fence and run along the four pressure pads to release the pack.

Southwest Corner (fire escape): above and to the right of the previous datapack is an external fire escape staircase. To the right of this fire escape is a ledge. After scaling this ledge, destroy the weakened wall with Explosive Gel and collect the next Enigma pack.

Center of unfinished bridge: on the top of some of the girders of the partially finished bridge, which cuts through the Amusement Mile (adjacent the “Gotham Sea Pier” sign and northeast of the Wonder Tower), another datapack is ripe for collection.

Amtrak building: Stand on top of the Amtrak building, close to its sign, and look out for shipping container, suspended over the icy waters by a crane. Fly into the open container to collect the next pack.

Building, west of Final Offer: on top of the building, just west of the Penguin’s Final Offer ship, is a caged switch. The only way in to the cage is via a connecting ventilation duct. Throw a remote-controlled Batarang into the shaft and hit the switch to unlock the nearby datapack.

Center of Amusement Mile: on the rooftop, west from the building baring the neon-lit “Dixon Docks” sign – with both buildings connected by a large walkway – is a generator next to a graffiti-covered brick wall. Start the generator and snaffle up the pack, situated just above it.

Dixon Docks in Amusement MileDixon Docks sign: stand underneath the Dixon Docks sign, looking away from it. Look for an anchor point situated on the building just ahead. Use the Batclaw to create a connection, then simply slide along the rope and smash into the building’s weakened wall.

Gotham Casinos building roof: in front of the “Gotham Casinos” billboard is a pipe, which bars entrance to a duct that harbors the datapack. Simply clog the steam pipe with a Glue Grenade and make your way inside.

Reverse of Gotham Casinos: find a series of pillars, next to the gravesite. There, you will locate a blocked off wall, which can be destroyed with Explosive Gel.

Northeast corner of Gotham Casinos roof: the datapack is tucked away inside an intricate container – access to which is controlled using two switches. Activate the first green switch (left) and head inside the first compartment of the opened container. Throw a remote-controlled Batarang back outside the cage and hit the second switch (right). Proceed into the next, newly-opened compartment and grab the Enigma pack.

Gotham City Train Station (roof): look to the right of the “Gotham City Train Station” sign and head on through the half-opened gates. Hack the security panel and collect your spoils.

Gotham City Train Station (reverse): at ground level, just behind the train station, are a couple of train tracks. On one of the tracks is a trailer with a pressure pad attached. Standing on the pressure pad will open up a container from behind.

The next part requires a little dexterity with the Batarang. Throw a remote controlled Batarang into the trailer, reach the end of the container and then perform a 180 degree u-turn. Navigate the Batarang into the shipping container below, through the small aperture available, and then press the switch to unleash the datapack.

Northeast corner (rooftop shack): the farthest rooftop of the northeast corner of the map – ignoring the small island – is another boarded up shack. Destroy the wall and grab the pack.

Northeast corner (rooftop cranes): look out for two cranes, dangling over the sea. Run off the edge of the left-hand crane, perform a u-turn and then glide back to the center of the building. It’s difficult to spot, but there is a small gap in a caged container that allows you to scramble on through to collect the datapack.

GCR comms towers: hop onto the lower level of the west side of the comms tower, which is isolated from the rest of the map. On the west side of the small island lies a fence. Slide under the fence and grab the pack.

Final Offer ship (stern side): on the stern side of Penguin’s ship is a generator. Shock the generator and step on the nearest pressure pad. Without stepping off the pad, grapple boost into the air using the ship’s mast and land on the next pressure pad. Again, without stepping off of this pad, grapple boost into the air and then land on the third and final pressure pad to unlock the pack.

Final Offer ship (deck on east side): the datapack is simply lying on the ground.

Final Offer (Interior) Datapacks

This section of our Batman: Arkham Origins guide covers all of the Enigma datapacks that can be discovered throughout the inner sections of the Penguin’s Final Offer ship. The external datapacks, dotted across the outside of the ship, are included in the Amusement Mile section.

Entrance hallway: upon immediately entering the Penguin’s ship, look up and towards the right. You should be able to see a pipe cover, which can be opened using the Batclaw.

Water passageway (Deck 1): a long stretch of water can be seen, partially filling a destroyed section of the ship (the first gap that the player needs to hop over). A few meters along is a datapack, which can be collected by creating a makeshift platform, by simply throwing a glue grenade into the water.

Half-way point of Deck 1 (sleeping quarters): when you come to the raft that can be ridden through water, mid-way through Deck 1, look up towards the ceiling and use the Batclaw to drag down the destructible panel. Pull yourself up to find the datapack.

Penguin's Final Offer ShipBoiler room (entrance detour): immediately turn right, close off the two steam pipes with glue grenades and then ascend a series of ledges. Run along the catwalk, making sure you don’t get hit by the steam from above, and then climb a final ledge.

After the final ledge, you should see another steam valve, impeding access to a caged datapack. Cover this last valve with yet another glue grenade, and then slide into the cage.

Boiler room (main deck): as you enter the main boiler deck, turn right and look out for an anchor point on the east wall. Grapple up to find the next Enigma datapack.

Final Offer Theater (entrance): at the bottom right of the main theater map area of the Final Offer ship, just as you enter the room, is a fence that Batman can slide under. Turn right and then collect the datapack from the workbench.

Final Offer Theater (staircase vents): on the far north of the theater area, find the vents, just offset from the grand staircase. Climb in the grate and follow the vent pathway to a secret room, containing the pack.

Top of staircase: after climbing the staircase, continue heading straight on, until you come to your first right. Use Explosive Gel to smash open the weakened wall and proceed to the end of the newly exposed hall.

Casino: find the “Grand Prize” booth and quick-fire Batarangs on all three of the dollar signs. The bars should descend, allowing Batman to use his Batclaw to grab it from a distance.

Ship’s exit: at the end of the upper deck, just prior to departing, there is a datapack next to a fuse box. Throw a remote-controlled Batarang down through the collapsed area of the deck, charge the Batarang using the electrified gate, perform a 180 degree turn and steer it back to overload the fuse box.

Engine room area: around the Deck Access Corridor, in Deck 2 of Penguin’s lair, there is a keypad near a door. Hack the panel using the Cryptographic Sequencer, and collect your spoils inside the storage compartment.

Deck Access Corridor: head south along the Deck Access Corridor, and slide along through the low opening into the adjoining room, leading to the third floor. In this room, look towards the ceiling and Batclaw the datapack, suspended within one of the open pipes.

We hope you enjoyed part one of our datapack locations guide for Park Row, the Bowery, Amusement Mile and Final Offer. The excellent video guides were created by a YouTuber from GamingSinceGaming, whose YouTube channel page is located in the sources section, below.

The next part of our Batman: Arkham Origins locations guide will be posted, shortly, so be sure to check back soon.

By James Fenner

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