GTA V Hidden Easter Eggs Part Two: Halo Spoofs, Dancing Hillbillies and Playboy Mansions

Grand Theft Auto V easter eggs part two Halo spoofs hillbillies and Playboy
With many gamers having recently completed Rockstar’s illustrious GTA V, we look at some more of the top easter eggs the game has to offer

Every Grand Theft Auto game released is typically renowned for inclusion of a vast number of intriguing easter eggs, bundled in by Rockstar Games. However, in the wake of GTA IV, many gamers were bitterly disappointed with the game’s somewhat sparse serving of easter egg goodies. With GTA V, the developers have truly listened to their dedicated fanbase, lovingly stuffing their game to the rafters with mountains of pop culture references, hidden messages and jokes.

After publishing our first easter eggs article, more gamers have had chance to wade through the game’s single-player campaign in its entirety. As a result, even more amazing easter eggs have come to fruition, and have been thrust into the limelight by a community of very dedicated YouTubers. Therefore, we decided to take another look at some of the latest and greatest GTA V easter eggs around, including halo spoofs, dancing hillbillies, underwater spaceships and the playboy mansion, to name just a few.

WARNING: the following videos contain material that certain viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Lost Hatch

The first easter egg is bound to pique the interests of fans of J. J. Abrams’ much lauded television series, Lost. Spanning an entire six seasons, Lost tells the story of a group of passengers who end up stranded on an island after surviving the collision of their plane, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.

Series fanatics will vividly remember “The Hatch,” which was discovered by John Locke and Boon Carlyle at the end of season one. The sealed, steel door was the entrance to station 3 of the DHARMA initiative.

To get to Rockstar’s imitation of the hatch, you need to travel to the eastern part of the map, off the coast nearby the San Chianski Mountain Range. Upon approach, players should be able to identify light emanating from the door’s peephole. Alas, players are unable to descend all the way to the hatch door, as the extreme pressures will quickly claim the player’s life.

Many thanks to SteelCurtainGaming for this find:

The Dancing Hillbilly Easter Egg

The dancing hillbilly can be found behind Sandy Shores, a fictional town that is based upon the real-life census designated place, called Desert Shores. According to the GTA wiki, Sandy Shores is a destitute region, home to make-shift meth laboratories, drug-addled denizens, streetwalkers and rundown trailer parks.

This rather jovial character is allegedly based upon Jesco White (A.K.A. The Dancing Outlaw), an American mountain dancer, who shot to notoriety after starring in a PBS documentary, entitled Dancing Outlaw.

Indeed, according to the GTA V tracklist, revealed by, Jesco White is purported to have compiled the playlist for the game’s Rebel Radio station.

The following video, uploaded by YouTuber superchache39, shows the hillbilly busting some shapes to the music blaring from his boombox.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

As witnessed in the first installment of our GTA V easter eggs article, Rockstar love their movie references. In part one, we saw easter eggs and references that related to Back To The Future, No Country For Old Men, The Shining and Jaws. This time, we look at a subtle homage to the illustrious MI6 agent – specifically, his car.

Following successful completion of Devin Weston’s car boosts, players can actually purchase the same Aston Martin DB5 vehicle that James Bond drove during Goldfinger (1964), who was played by Sean Connery.

Players can make their way to the Legendary Motorsport website, using their cells, and procure the vehicle. The vehicle is named JB 700 and, according to the site’s vehicle description, “… has been the car of choice for drunken misogynistic British spies since 1965,” before serving up the following crass advice to potential customers:

“… dust off the tuxedo, quip a sexual double-entendre, pour yourself a martini for the road and stumble out as everyone in the room mutters what a turd you are.”

The Playboy Mansion Easter Egg

Next up is the Playboy Mansion easter egg, located in the lavish mansions of northwest Richmond. The replica mansion is a dead giveaway at night, lit up in blue and pink neon lights, and surrounded by extravagant tennis courts and pool areas, as bikini-clad women interminably run around partying and drinking.

The studio seems to have modeled, in the most minutia of detail, the Playboy Magazine founder’s home, from the pathways and staircases right down to the famous cave pool. However, in terms of joining in on the action, don’t expect stellar results when playing as Trevor. Hugh Hefner is nowhere to be seen, however.

Drive & Max Payne Clothing

As reported in part one, Rockstar introduced a nod to Jack Torrance’s (played by Jack Nicholson) garments from The Shining, with the “Overlooked” costume available for purchase from the clothing store near Trevor’s home.

Meanwhile, the gaming community have unearthed more pop culture references, in the form of unique outfits. This includes the ability to procure a Hawaiian shirt that looks remarkably similar in appearance to the colorful top that belongs to a certain beleaguered, ex-NYPD cop from one of Rockstar’s other illustrious video game franchise’s, Max Payne. Specifically, everybody’s favorite pill-popping antihero was seen sporting this vibrant shirt, whilst trudging through the impoverished, Brazilian favelas.

Once players switch over to Trevor, and trek to the Discount clothing store in Grapseed, another costume can be unlocked – the “Champagne Driver Blouson.” Major movie buffs may recognize the similarity between this item of clothing and the jacket worn by Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011), a crime drama film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Thelma and Louise Easter Egg

Dynasty1031, once again, proves he is the master of easter egg hunting with this next video. Visiting between the hours of seven and eight p.m., the player can bear witness to a reenactment of one of the most iconic movie endings of all time.

Near the edge of a cliff, as the sun begins to set on the Los Santos horizon, a pair of characters are seen driving a vehicle that resembles the 1966 Ford Thunderbird that was seen from Thelma & Louise, which famously starred Gina Davis and Susan Sarandon on the run from the law.

Once the player grabs a helicopter, they can fly it over to Chilead Mountain and view the spectacle from afar. As the police block off the area leaving the cliff face, the crooked couple are left with few options:

Halo Spoof Easter Egg

This one is somewhat of a contentious easter egg. When players explore Downtown Vinewood, they will be confronted with a character that appears remarkably similar to Master Chief from Halo. This character actually appears to be engaging in cosplay of the Republican Space Rangers television show from GTA IV.

Nonetheless, many gamers within the GTA community believe that both the Space Rangers TV show, and the cosplay character, are Halo easter eggs.

Underwater Spaceship

It rapidly became clear that the developers behind Grand Theft Auto V were utterly infatuated with aliens and UFOs, so much so that some theorize that Rockstar could release DLC that revolves around these many extraterrestrial mysteries. During part one of our GTA V easter eggs article, there were no less than four alien-based references and easter eggs.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise to see that further close encounters have been documented by the community. This time, fans have identified an underwater spaceship, completely intact and covered in oceanic life forms, suggesting it has been there for some time.

In previous easter egg videos, several flying saucers were observed whizzing around various picturesque locales of Los Santos, whilst a frozen extraterrestrial was sighted during the game’s prologue, and a drug-induced alien invasion mission was stumbled across, during the latter stages of the game. What this all means is up for speculation, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see all of these findings tied together, as part of a larger game plan, spearheaded by Rockstar.

Details on how to reach the submerged craft are explained by typicalgamer:

The Unsolved Killer Mystery

A hoard of GTA V easter eggs seem to relate to an elusive killer that appears to have some unusual fixation with the number 8.

RifleGaming, a tenacious YouTuber, with the aid of the Grand Theft Auto community, has resolved to answer the mysteries surrounding Merle Abrahams (A.K.A. The Infinity Killer), a man who was suspected of murdering eight male joggers.

According to a newspaper clipping, Merle had been captured and incarcerated for his crimes. However, the locations of his eight victims were never identified. Scattered about the terrain of Los Santos, a series of cryptic clues seem to have been left by the Infinity Killer, eluding to his criminal activities and pinpointing the location of many of his victims. However, thus far, only five of the bodies have been spotted.

The Big Orange Ball

This one, although not strictly speaking an easter egg, is certainly worthy of a brief mention. Directly north of Los Santos, in Vinewood Hills, players will encounter a giant orange ball, affixed to a juice stand. The ball is particularly easy to locate at night, as it is brightly illuminated.

The orange ball is detachable and, once struck, will roll down the hills to freedom.

Grease Easter Egg

GTA V Grease easter egg
Screenshot portraying the famous drag scene from Grease in the Los Santos River

Lastly, we will end part two of our GTA V easter egg article on one of the lesser known easter eggs. This time is it the 1978 musical film, Grease, which tells a tale of two high school lovers.

Unfortunately, details are rather scant on the Grease easter egg, and was only very briefly mentioned on the Grand Theft Auto forums. As a consequence, the exact time at which the event takes place remains uncertain.

Essentially, it’s thought that this particular easter egg is aimed at reproducing the famous drag race that took place between Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Leo Balmudo (Dennis C. Stewart), who were sparring for the affections of Sandy Olsson (Olivia Netwon-John). The race can be witnessed in the Los Santos River, sometime during nightfall.

We hope you have enjoyed part two of our GTA V easter eggs article. For the first part of our easter egg hunt, as well as information on secrets, cheats, online multiplayer and more, please see the related section below.

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