Charlie Sheen Making Out and Making Time

Charlie Sheen Making Out and Making Time

This last week has been a busy one for Charlie Sheen; he has been seen making out with another adult porn star and making time for a man with terminal cancer. Just another example of the dichotomous nature of the larger than life Mr Sheen. He has also been firing salvos across Brooke Mueller’s bows as he continues his battles with her.

It seems that the 48 year-old Anger Management star is so desperate to get his 36 year-old ex out of his house that Sheen is willing to take a massive $2 million dollar loss. The property has had an offer from a real estate agency that is quite a bit under the recommended price. Sheen, however, is so keen to get Brooke out that it has been alleged that he is thinking seriously about taking the “knock-down” price.

Charlie’s soured relationship with drug addled Mueller has not put him off of looking for love in “all the wrong places” though. He has been spotted smooching with adult film star Brett Rossi. The 24 year-old porn actress was spied in Sheen’s arms in a romantic clinch down Mexico way over Thanksgiving. Sheen was so pleased with the way his holiday went with Rossi that he tweeted about his stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Rossi also tweeted her satisfaction via Twitter. Short and sweet was her tweet; she posted that she was at last in Cabo with her “love” and that it was a great end to a great day. Period. Hopefully Sheen’s relationship with this adult “sex kitten” goes better than his last dalliance with a porn star. Charlie’s making out with his new porn actress did have to wait while he was making time for a terminal cancer patient who wanted nothing more than to “just hang” with Sheen for a day.

Terminal cancer sufferer Marion Minchuk had a dying wish. He wanted nothing more than to spend some time with Sheen. Marion was given one month to live and he asked Charlie’s reps if he could just meet the Anger Management star before he died. Sheen does not do anything by half and he decided to grant Minchuk his wish.

Off his own back Sheen organized and paid for Marion to travel from his home in Arizona. Charlie paid out for three first class plane tickets so Marion, his nurse and his girlfriend could come out to Los Angeles. Once there, Sheen got the three of them the Presidential Suite in the Universal Hilton hotel.

Sheen then took time to escort all three of his guests to the set of Anger Management. Charlie let Marion set in his chair on the set and afterward took the three back to his home where the chef prepared a tasty meal for the group. Once they had eaten, Sheen led the group to a private screening room where they watched Gravity.

At the end of the visit, Sheen signed a script from Anger Management and then signed a Wall Street DVD for Marian as well. Minchuk was thrilled and Sheen showed that he doesn’t drink all that tiger’s blood for nothing. His making time from making out with Brett Rossi and having a “time-out” from his battle with Brooke to spend time with a dying fan, shows how generous he really is. Minchuk would definitely agree.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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