China: Top Five Most Dangerous Imported Foods

China: Top Five Most Dangerous Imported Foods

The top five most dangerous foods imported from China are among the numerous scandals over Chinese products. China has long permitted toxic food items along with other hazardous exports to leave its borders. The majority of the American media and the United States government do not seem to have made quite enough effort to notify the general public about food from China which could be dangerous. The FDA inspectors only look at about 2.5 percent of the food that is imported. So that means it really is left to the consumers to protect his or her own health by making informed choices over what to place on the dinner table.

Below is a list of five food items from China that Americans need to be wary of.


Tilapia: Tilapia is one of the most popular kinds of fish at the moment. Most of it is imported from China. It is well-known in China fish farmers use high levels of hormones in fish cultivation. The farmers also use growth hormones and very strong antibiotics in order to keep the fish alive in what are often dirty, overcrowded conditions.

Cod: Over 50 percent of the cod that is out on the U.S. market comes from China. What is true for tilapia is the very same for cod farming.

Apple Juice: If anyone is purchasing apple juice that is a bargain brand, it is probably a product of China. That means it has come a long distance. Around 50 percent of all apple juice sold in America comes from China. Pesticide residues which stay on fruits, vegetables and processed foods as they come into the food supply have been a problem for a long time. China is the world’s prime pesticide manufacturer and has largely refused to do anything about dangerous or illegal chemicals left on food.

Processed Mushrooms: Almost 35 percent of all processed mushrooms come from China. The reasoning is basically the same as with apple juice.

Garlic: Garlic is in numerous types of food. Over 30 percent of garlic comes from China. The label may read that it is grown as an organic product but there is no one checking and making sure to certify any products as truly organic that come from China.

There is also the pollution problem in China. As much as 70 percent of the rivers and lakes in China are polluted from industrial facilities such as textile and chemical plants. It was just recently that citizens in the city of Zhejiang, which is one of the less polluted in China, offered 300,000 Yuan, which is$50,000 in American money, if any government officials would attempt to swim in the local water channel. No one took them up on the offer.

The United States embassy located in Beijing now releases air pollution reports every hour. This is so any American citizens living in that city can look at the information and decide if they are going to go outside at that time or not.

With this kind of appalling pollution of soil, water and air, it is basically impossible to have any kind of safe food, not just the top five foods that are considered most dangerous.


By Kimberly Ruble

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