Chris Brown Turned Thug

Brown, Thug

The mother of Chris Brown claims his friends have turned her son in to a thug. When he first began in the entertainment business, he was 13-years-old searching for a recording contract. By the age of 16 Brown’s first debut single “Run It” went viral. This was his big break in to the public eye. Unfortunately the fame went all to this young singer’s head.

When he first started out he had his own unique style and moves. After a few years in the limelight he was compared to Michael Jackson. Critics claimed he had a similar style as Michael. This was flattery at its finest for Brown. After hearing the compliment over and over, he let it go to his head. During concerts Brown even wore similar ensembles that Michael wore. It didn’t take long before he was even dancing like him. Jackson’s signature move, grabbing himself, was copied in multiple concerts by Brown. He claimed he wanted to be unique yet he wanted to be like Prince and Michael Jackson. How can someone be unique yet be a mirror copy of someone else?

Back in 2009 Brown’s life began going down hill. Negative media surfaced focusing on Brown’s anger problems. Early on in the year he was charged with battery during an altercation with his ‘at the time’ girlfriend, Rihanna. Following his arrest various ads that featured Brown were suspended and the singer decided against making public appearances for the time being. Later that month he did apologize for his behavior.

Since the battery incident in 2009, the two singers had an on and off relationship. This led to mixed feelings and much criticism on Rihanna’s part. The public could not understand how someone could go back to an abuser. From the moment he beat Rihanna he lost about half of his fan base. Even today he has not fully restored his fan base. The two singers ended it once again earlier this year which led him to date his latest girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Though he was determined to turn over a new leaf while with Rihanna, it seems he likes trouble. Since August, Brown has been kicked out of rehab, charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a man, and threw a rock at his mother’s windshield. When him and Rihanna rekindled their relationship earlier this year she claimed he was a good man. She went on to say how much he has changed and that people shouldn’t judge him. The Michael wannabe proved her wrong in more ways than one.

Recently he has checked in to rehab for anger management after being kicked out of rehab for assaulting his own mother. His mother was visiting Brown at rehab for one of his meetings and suggested he should stay for a bit longer. This angered Brown which caused him to throw a rock through his mother’s windshield.

Brown may deny being a thug but he certainly isn’t proving the public or his mother wrong. He claims he is determined to change his life around and get his career on the right track. What Brown doesn’t realize is that he is in too deep to change overnight. His fans certainly hope he changes his life around but from this stand point, it won’t happen any time soon.


By Anjulina MaComber



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