Social Media Robot from Google

Google Social Media Robot
The Future of Social Media? Meet the Google Social Media Robot.

Are you sick and tired of interacting with all of your “friends”? Have you read one status update too many? Google may have the solution for you! The new social media robot from Google will be able to learn your typical response style then get back to your friends and family for you.

Google software engineer Ashish Bhatia has envisioned a sophisticated system that understands you and your friends. The robot will know you so well that even your closest friends won’t be able to tell which messages are real.

Alarmed at the idea that all human interaction might become a thing of the past? Don’t worry too much yet! The robot will also be able to flag messages to tell you which ones are probably deserving of a personal response.

Is this the perfect solution to social media burnout? Well, if you are a privacy advocate, this might not be the best route for you. As mentioned, Google needs to know A LOT about you. Fortunately, Google is great at learning all there is to know about its users but it definitely comes a price. In order to use their new social media robot, you will need to grant Google access to your emails, social networks, text messages, and, of course, all of your social media accounts.

Google Social Media Robot.
Do we need the Google Social Media Robot?

The new social media robot from Google promises to leave you a little bit of control though. It is likely that the system will generate a message then forward it along to you before it goes out into the dark recesses of the internet. You can glance at this message then give it the final approval before you have it posted to your social media sites.

According to Bhatia, the engineer from Google, it is often a challenge for social media users to “keep up with and reply to all the messages they are receiving.” The explosive growth of social networks and electronic communication in general has left the internet population with a whole other set of chores to do everyday.

The success of Google’s new social media robot, however, may depend on how well Google really understands the world of social media. If the past is any indication of the future, Google has shockingly little understanding of social media.

One month before the world discovered Facebook in 2004, Google launched Orkut and you already know the winner of the Facebook vs. Orkut popularity contest. In 2005, Google tried again with mobile-based Dodgeball.  This failed quickly and Google got back on the horse with Jaiku in 2007.  Jaiku came out around the same time as Twitter and was hoping to complete but, again, you know the end to that story. In 2009, they were back at it  with the very short-lived Google Wave. In 2010, they tried Google Buzz and quickly abandoned it for the most recent incarnation, Google+.

While Google has clearly had some monumental success as a company, they haven’t had much luck in social media. Could the new Google social media robot turn things around for them or will it be another short lived flop?

By Nicci Mende