Elderly Handicapped Woman Hit by Senseless Gunfire

Elderly Woman Shot and Taken to Jackson Ryder Trauma CenterAn elderly Florida woman, who is handicapped, was critically injured as several shots stormed through her front door around 11:30 Friday morning. According to the Miami Police Department, the 70-year-old woman; Alamariee Viel, was in her home watching television when all of a sudden bullets started flying.

An African-American male approached her door and sent several shots into the Liberty Square housing complex in the 1200 block of Northwest 64th Street; where the elderly woman lives. She was hit twice; bullet fragments found on the side of her head and a bullet landed in her shoulder. Viel was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in serious condition.

Viel said she was just sitting there watching TV with her grandchildren when all of sudden somebody started shooting. She said there was nothing she could do because she is wheelchair bound; so she told the kids to get down real low on the floor.

One neighbor, Verna King, said she believes she heard about six very loud shots. She was so afraid because these projects are known for the shoot outs that occur way too frequently. King said she ran back inside and hid behind her refrigerator.

Other neighbors reported hearing gunfire as well and ran for cover.

One of Veil’s granddaughters, who was in the home, was also hit. She was taken to Jackson Ryder Trauma Center; listed in stable condition.

Law enforcement knows that the elderly woman was a victim and not the intended target. Neighbors believe that this was the result of some type of love triangle which includes another family member who is pregnant and having relationship trouble.

Neighbors are in shock that a helpless grandmother, who is wheelchair bound and on dialysis, was caught in the midst of senseless gunfire. Viel said she is stunned and angry.

Investigators are still working on this case. They do have information on the shooter and are actively searching for him; in addition they are checking all leads they receive.

The Miami Police Department is urging anyone with information surrounding this shooting to contact their Homicide Unit at (305) 603-6450. If anyone has information but would rather remain anonymous they should contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers by phone at (305) 471-4877; or they can do so by visiting their website (link found below under sources) and choose the “Give a Tip” option. You can also do so by text: Send CSMD followed by the tip information to 274637.

All that’s known this time is an elderly, handicapped woman was in her Florida residence watching television when several bullets plummeted into her home. She is in serious condition at Jackson Ryder Trauma Unit. Her granddaughter was also hit and was taken to Jackson Ryder Trauma Center. She is listed in stable condition.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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