Cowboys Thanksgiving Highs and Lows


Cowboys Thanksgiving Highs and Lows

This year’s Thanksgiving game came was “stuffed” with highs and lows. With its share of jinxes, hijinks, heroics and vixens, it was ultimately a satisfying feast for Cowboys fans as their team bested the Oakland Raiders.

Going into the game, Tony Romo was sick throughout the day with a stomach virus. Romo was vomiting before the game and required IV fluids before the game and at halftime. He was not able to warm up or throw passes ahead of the showdown.

The Cowboys wore their “cursed” Navy jersey at home for the first time since the Cotton Bowl days of the 1960s. The NFL has a new rule disallowing the use of alternate colored helmets. However, the Cowboys wanted to wear a different look for Thanksgiving. So they opted to wear the “cursed” blue. The origin of the jinx stems from how rarely the Cowboys wear the Navy jersey and the losses that have occurred while wearing them. The jinx gained strength when the Cowboys were forced by the NFL to wear the blue jerseys at home in their Super Bowl V loss to the Baltimore Colts.

Another jinx going into the game was that of the Sports Illustrated feature cover. Tony Romo was featured on SI’s cover ahead of the Thanksgiving game. It is widely believed that when a player is featured by SI, he will lose the very next game. The validity of this jinx has been the topic of discussion since the 1950s as there are numerous examples of featured players getting defeated.

The game started off on an incredibly low note when rookie Terrance Williams fumbled the ball on opening kickoff just 12 seconds into the game. The Raiders capitalized immediately and turned it in for a touchdown. Perhaps the double-jinx was in full swing already.

However, the highs started coming right around halftime. Tony Romo was able to score a touchdown and reduce a 14-point deficit by about half just before the second quarter ended. Romo was not the only one providing thrills – hometown starlet Selena Gomez electrified the crowds with her three song set in the Thanksgiving halftime show.

DeMarco Murray scored three touchdowns in this game. Murray had only accumulated 25 yards after scoring his third touchdown. He did, however, help burn the clock with a 7-point lead running for another 38 yards. He also had 39 receiving yards to his credit.

Dez Bryant scored the one other touchdown, not scored by Murray, in a 4-yard pass from Tony Romo. He had seven catches for 61 yards on the day.

Lance Dunbar rushed for a career high 82 yards helping to set up the touchdowns scored. However, he is now out for the season requiring knee surgery. This is quite a bummer for the running game that was starting to look so nice over the past two games.

This year’s Thanksgiving game had a lot of stigmas attached to it, but ultimately the Dallas Cowboys delivered the ultimate high by overcoming the Oakland Raiders and “everything else” in their 31-24 victory.


By Fatema Biviji


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