Cyber Monday Hotel and Travel Deals

cyber mondayBlack Friday sales may have started already but Cyber Monday is just around the corner. There are some deals that are much better after the weekend, but others that work out more expensive. This year sees a number of great deals in time for Cyber Monday, especially when it comes to hotels and travel.

Marriott Hotels are among those offering hotel deals this year. On Monday, customers will be able to get 30 percent off from more than 350 hotels around the country; places include San Francisco and New York. There is a catch to the deal and that is the visit must be booked for between December 20 and March 31. It could be the perfect opportunity for those looking for a last minute Christmas or New Year deal. There is also Easter 2014 to think about planning for.

All Marriott bookings are non-refundable and there is a limited supply. The deal starts from 12:01am PST and can be booked by phone or online.

For those who love swimming — or anything water-based– and want to visit Mexico, there is 50% off suites of choice at Las Alamandas. The preserve covers 1,500 acres and has a range of activities including kayaking, surfing and hiking. With the Cyber Monday deals, the suites start at just $244 and travel is open until December 19, 2014, giving people plenty of time to plan ahead and book time off work; however, travel is not available between December 26, 2013 and January 3, 2014.

For families looking for travel and hotel deals this Cyber Monday, there is the option of the Hilton Resort and Spa. With the Grand Canyon just close by and a range of activities, including golfing and outdoor sports, available, this is perfect for children and adults of all ages. Nobody will ever complain about being bored. The deal gives the opportunity of getting a seven-night stay for just $800 in one of the luxury suites and all taxes and resort fees are included. The stay can be taken between January 1 and September 31 next year.

While there are some great deals, it is really important to look for the exclusions; the majority of Cyber Monday deals will have them. When deals run from December 2013, it is likely that Christmas or New Year week will be excluded. Valentine’s Day and the surrounding days could also be excluded from these great opportunities where the deals start in the New Year. Customers need to shop around and not just opt for the first one they find.

Most of the Cyber Monday deals will be on the hotels. That does not mean that flights and other forms of transport are excluded. JetBlue Getaways has announced some travel deals. When it comes to flights, the airfare is usually discounted but there are other fees to think about.

The holiday season is not just for tech gadgets and present ideas. Cyber Monday is full of great deals, including travel and hotels. It is important to research but there is bound to be something for all budget needs and travel preferences, along with family ages and abilities.

By Alexandria Ingham


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3 Responses to "Cyber Monday Hotel and Travel Deals"

  1. sophia   February 7, 2014 at 9:03 am

    nice post, added so much information to my research

  2. Stephen Arthur Davis   November 29, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    I agree. I have to travel a lot for my business, mostly in Europe, but often in the states. I used to use sites like Travelocity to book my hotels, but I quickly found the better way to find deals: go to the second level sites – those like who compare the hundreds of different booking sites in one single search. You’ll see ALL OF THEM in one place.

    I must have saved over 3,000 Euros since I started using ReservationCreation. I sincerely believe that using only one of the top booking sites is not necessarily the best idea.

  3. Audrey Lichfield   November 29, 2013 at 1:06 am

    Yes Alexandria there are some cool discounts right now. are offering up to 80% off all hotel tarrif prices, they search all of the deal sites at once like Trivago, Expedia etc, it’s pretty cool. I booked through black/ cyber weekend at 70% off, not a bad deal đŸ™‚


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