David Beckham and Other Manchester United Players to Star in New Film

David Beckham and Other Manchester United Players to Star in New FilmDavid Beckham, and his fellow players from the so-called “Class of ‘92” will all star in a new film chronicling their astounding collective rises to fame. Nicknamed as “Fergie’s fledglings” this extraordinary crop of youngsters included David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, the two Neville brothers — Gary and Phil, and Paul Scholes.  This group went on to collect an astonishing 50 league winners medals.  Beginning 21 years ago, in 1992, the film will showcase the period when Manchester United at Old Trafford, with these players, began their victorious dominance of the Premier League.

Many fans will look back with great nostalgia at this most famous ever collection of homegrown talent who saw Manchester United take home the European Cup for the first time since 1968, and change the face of football in England, forever.


The film, made by Universal Pictures, is going to be released in selected cinemas in the UK on December 2nd and will be available to buy from December 3rd on DVD. No doubt it will be going into a lot of Christmas stockings this year. In addition to interviews with “Fergie’s fledglings,” the film will feature other famous names.  Devout Man United fan, Mani of the Stone Roses, puts in an appearance, as do Eric Cantona, and the man behind the uber-successful opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Danny Boyle.   Another surprise guest in the documentary is former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

The documentary style of the film will blend footage of the players with a narrative through line, telling the story of Britain in those years. It aims to be a record of the social, cultural and political scene, as well as the story of the club’s resurgence.

The Class of ‘92 is subtitled “the players that inspired a generation.” David Beckham, in a press release about it, said “My time with these players at Manchester United were the most special in my career.”  He speaks of how they all came from widely different backgrounds but became like a family to each other and went on to achievements that were “beyond our wildest dreams.” Beckham clearly enjoyed the experience of the reunion, “I loved making this film and reuniting back with the lads and talking openly about our time together.”

Ryan Giggs feels the same. “Hopefully you’ll see how personal it is to us all,” he says adding, “we’re still great mates and who would turn down a chance to make a movie with your best mates?”

There has been no comment or press release so far from “Fergie,” Sir Alex Ferguson, who was recently heard making some criticisms of the career choices David Beckham went on to make.  Despite the curmudgeonly persona he is wont to portray, he must be proud of Beckham and the other Manchester United players who star in this film, who all came to climb to such international prominence. Sir Alex is interviewed in the documentary.images-1

These lads were all in the Youth Team and they all went through to play for the first team. The Champions League Cup in 1992 was the high point of their teams’s success.  Paul Scholes and Phil Neville didn’t actually run out for that match but they did both go on to become Old Trafford legends in their own rights. It is fair to point out that there were other players from that era who do not appear in the film who went on to become famous, too. Terry Cook was a “Fergie fledgling” but he left for rival side Manchester City. Robbie Savage and Keith Gillespie were also of this era of all-time greats.

Phil Neville is another old boy who thoroughly enjoyed the experience of making the film. It’s “got us all together,” he said, “as we don’t get a chance to these days, to revisit old haunts and reflect over the past.”

David Beckham and the other Manchester United players who star with him in this film, are probably all appreciating the opportunity to dwell a little on the past as they move onto the next stage of their lives. David Beckham having recently retired form LA Galaxy is said to be enjoying time at home with his family, and has particularly taken to developing his skills in the kitchen.  If he’s as much of a whiz with a whisk as he is with a ball, then Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper are very lucky children indeed.


By Kate Henderson

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