Dinosaurs and the Legacy of Life

Dinosaurs a legacy of lifeOver the eons, life has always found a way to sustain itself.   Planet Earth was either designed by a master plan with a careful hand or a big bang theory of combustion in space.  In either event, the longevity of the earth has provided a legacy of life to mankind.  As humans find ways to survive the threats of global warming and depletion of resources, the long ago plan has always been in place.  A step by step motion of natural progression has seen the extinction of endangered species along with dinosaurs and the legacy of life.

Oil, petroleum, coal and natural gas are necessary components in the modern way of life.  If they were present from the Earth’s birth or occurred after the demise of the dinosaur is up for debate.  The huge, monstrous creatures which once roamed the land have been long gone, even 245 to 380million years ago.  Their decay into the soil of the earth may have provided the very resources we all depend on in today’s world.

The dinosaurs of fact or fiction may well have been the original compost system of the Earth.  Their very death might have given the modern world a resource of fossil fuels and productivity, or then again it could have always been a figment of our imagination.  Their decaying extinction into the earth’s properties could have been a good thing beyond their mystic and terror.  The resources we need may or may not be credited to the frightful creatures we have come to know over time.  It is reasonable to wonder if they provided the future resource or if it was always there from the beginning.

Natural decay is healthy to the earth’s soil.  Biodegradable scraps from leaves, tree and flower clippings, fruit and vegetable peelings are like a gold mine in the composts of waste.  Dust to dust, and back into the earth has long been a desire to preserve our atmosphere and delay trash in landfills.  When composting, rinds and peeling that have been treated with pesticides should be avoided.  Natural elements are kin to the earth, as any vegetation and animal decay can be.

The earth is comprised of many elements all working together for the future reaping of generations to come.  Death and destruction brings forth new life and it continues while the earth keeps on spinning.  Natural pipelines of oil are available as governments and countries allow.  Undiscovered stores and mines of resources are there for the taking, as people continue dictate over policies and procedures.

Animals and vegetation naturally decay into the earth.  Trash is collected and deposited into landfills, avoiding many options of producing natural resources.  Even the tradition of embalming and enclosing humans in a coffin or box, prevent the natural composition of life.  Opting for cremation might seem reasonable, but the toxins and carbon dioxide produced are more harmful and hazardous to the earth and its people.   A green earth might want to consider the idea of promession, which is actually freeze-drying a human body that is able to crumble into the earth.

Decaying dinosaurs may have left some substance in our natural resource supply, as they have provided a link to the legacy of life.  Thinking outside the dig site of a dinosaur, or the box or coffin of a human may well prove a  more impactful legacy of  life.




By Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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