Family Guy Kills off Brian

family guy, brianThe beloved Family Guy character, Brian, was killed off the show during the Season 12 episode called “Life of Brian.” Fans of Family Guy are outraged by the killing of this beloved dog. Since the airing of Family Guy in 1999, the audience had grown attached to this four-legged family member.

The dog was killed by a car during the “Life of Brian” episode. Stewie destroyed his time machine when he failed at bringing Brian back. The family then bought a new pet. The executive producer, Steve Callaghan, when questioned about this loss stated. It would have been more traumatic if the family were to lose one of the kids.” The producer went on to say, “It seemed more realistic for the family dog to be hit by a car.”

The new pet the Griffin family adopted is a dog named Vinny; a fairly fast talking canine. Vinny is voiced by Tony Sirico who played in The Sopranos. This new family pet helps to soothe Stewie during his grieving of beloved friend, Brian. The public however will never get used to this new family pet. After a personality has been with a show for nearly 14 years, it is hard for that character to be replaced.

Brian matched Stewie’s intellect; this made the two perfect partners in crime. The two beloved characters would get into mischief in nearly every Family Guy episode. This new dog apparently does not plan to put up with Stewie. He will not stand for the mischief and will not let him get away with anything. While this was okay at first, the fans are missing the infamous Brian more than ever.

Brian had a way of being realistic yet funny; at the same time. He didn’t always agree with Stewie’s decisions but would go along for the ride. The family dog would act as Stewie’s subconscious in most of the episodes. Stewie rarely listened to his four legged subconscious, but always found him to be right in the end.

When the audience learned of Brian’s death, the hash tag #BringBackBrian fired up Twitter. The outraged audience doesn’t worry Callaghan who claims, “Our fans who have been loyal to our show know they can trust us.” Callaghan claims they always make the right choices that will benefit the show; but the fans beg to differ.

Many Family Guy fans claim the producers of the show should have followed the old saying, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” Many people who try to “enhance” their product or show often end up failing. The relationship between Stewie and Brian will be missed dearly. Though this new Family Guy relationship between Vinny and Stewie is interesting; it is not the same.

Soon after Brian’s death a petition was created on the internet pleading to bring Brian back. Fans have claimed “the creators didn’t kill off their creation; they killed off a dog that has been a part of our families for nearly 15 years.” On November 26, the petition to bring Brian back obtained 35,000 signatures and is still growing.

Brian was voiced by David Zuckerman who tweeted that even though he is not a part of Family Guy anymore, he hopes Brian won’t remain dead. This adds to the hopes that Brian isn’t gone for good; even though Fox aired a farewell to this beloved dog.

Callaghan thought killing off Brian would “shake things up” which would, in turn, benefit the series. The fans have made it clear that they do not agree. Fans will stop at nothing to see Brian back up to mischief with Stewie. The family dog may have been killed off; but his character is not gone. The Family Guy fans will continue to hold on to the small ray of hope Zuckerman has bestowed upon them.

By Anjulina MaComber

ABC News

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