Fundraising – Obama Hopes to Make It Rain

Obama is set to travel the west coast. The trip will be primarily occupied with fundraising.

Fundraising is an important part to any endeavor, but it is especially important for the success and sustenance of endeavors which are political in nature. As the week gets set to begin, President Obama has some west coast travel on his agenda. There are quite a few issues that have been on Obama’s plate recently. A number of important issues have transpired recently which have commanded administrative attention. Just recently, important negotiations were being undertaken with Iran regarding their nuclear program. Then there is Janet Yellen, named to lead Fed spending to new heights, who has been the subject of much attention from the economic and political spheres. With these issues and more on the plate of the president, he still has manages to carve out some time in order to embark on the business of politics. The political machine doesn’t turn on its own, and funding is the fuel which runs the machine that is Washington. So, with the week set to begin, fundraising is on the administrative agenda, and Obama hopes to make it rain cold hard cash as a result of efforts.

As the Democrats attempt to maintain their position in the Senate while simultaneously making gains in the House, the fruit of Obama’s fundraising will be used to promote party candidates in the 2014 elections.

Air Force One touched down just after 4:00 p.m. at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport, and the president headed to his first fundraising endeavor which took place at the home of Zumiez founder Tom Campion. Next on the agenda will be a party at former Microsoft executive John Shirley’s home. Seats at the extravaganza will be occupied by a variety of guests, who will have paid the going rate of $16,000 per person.

Fundraising is on the presidents mind, as he tours the west coast, and summons his best efforts to make it rain money on the Democratic party.

Obama will head to California after spending the night in Seattle. It was the intent of the president to go to California in September of this year, for the purpose of fundraising, but his plans changed as the White House was preparing to take action in Syria. The plans for Syria however were placed on hold however, as Syria agreed to comply with foreign requests to unwind and divest their chemical weapons arsenal. That issue being somewhat paused, the president will now undertake the California fundraising trip after he concludes his brief stay in Seattle.

The president will head to San Francisco tomorrow where he will speak on a number of issues and attend multiple events. Obama will visit the Better Ong Chinese Recreation Center tomorrow where he will speak on the issue of immigration. Also included in his plans will be a stop at the SF Jazz Center. He will then attend the home of Marc Benioff, founder of well known, where he will sit down with a technology roundtable of about 20 individuals.

From San Francisco, the president plans to also visit Glendale and Los Angeles before ending his trip. So, as 2013 begins to wind to a close, fundraising is on the agenda, and with this event-filled west coast tour Obama is certainly hoping to make it rain big money to support his camp back in Washington.

By Daniel Worku

Komo News