Green Bay Packers Would Be Wise to Sign Ed Reed

The Green Bay Packers would be wise to give Ed Reed a call now that the safety has been released by the Houston Texans.
The Green Bay Packers would be wise to give Ed Reed a call now that the safety has been released by the Houston Texans.

As you probably have heard, Ed Reed is looking for employment after the Houston Texans decided to part ways with the future Hall of Fame safety, and as far as potential landing spots go the Green Bay Packers make the most sense. Lets be clear that there is little to no chance that General Manager Ted Thompson actually would pull a move such as this, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make sense.

For starters here’s some background on the breakup of Ed Reed and the Houston Texans. Brought in to bolster the secondary of what was expected to be an elite defense this offseason, Ed Reed has not had anywhere near the impact that he was supposed to. The Texans had cut back Reed’s role to one limited to just 12 snaps in last week’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Following that defeat to the Cardinals, Ed Reed posted on Twitter that he felt the Texans had been “outplayed and out coached.” Translation: If I had played more, we would have won the game.

Needless to say, Texans management did not take kindly to the comments, and as a result decided that they did not need the services of an aging role player that badly. Thus Reed was let go and the Texans saved about $5 million over the remainder of the season.

Ed Reed is now on waivers, and would carry a base salary of just $1 million if anyone were to sign him.

Here is where the Green Bay Packers should come in.

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers is taking heat for the performance of his defense over the past two weeks, and justifiably so. This unit has stunk after a resurgent start to the year, with the microscope of Aaron Rodger’s injured shoulder being unforgiving in its magnifying everything the defense does in his absence.

It didn’t take an expert to see that the flaw in the Packer’s defense in Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was in the secondary. When a team scorers via a deep ball, typically a safety was not in the right position to allow the ball to sail over the top of the defense into a receiver’s hands. This happened three times to the Packers on Sunday, twice by Riley Cooper and once by DeSean Jackson. Two of those passes also appeared to hang in the air and were grossly under-thrown by NFL standards, in other words they should have been turnovers instead of touchdowns.

Safety Morgan Burnett collided with corner Tramon Williams and as a result Williams dropped an interception and the ball was tipped into the hands of Jackson for a touchdown. Inexcusable. The other safety position is held by MD Jennings, whose name you might remember for being part of the infamous Seahawks ‘fail mary’ or ‘touchterception’ that allowed Seattle to steal a win with the help of the replacement referees a year ago. Had Jennings tipped the ball harmlessly away instead of attempting to intercept the ball on the last play of the game, the Packers would have won that game.

As you can see, safety is far from a strong point for Green Bay, the Packers haven’t had a star at the position since Nick Collins went down with a career ending injury a few years back.

A healthy Ed Reed could easily fill that roll for the Green Bay Packers, the dude is a future Hall of Famer. The move isn’t totally out of the comfort zone for Ted Thompson, who did bring in Charles Woodson from Oakland once. Salary wise there isn’t much risk involved, and even if Reed could only act as a mentor for younger talent on the roster, he at least could help this team go from mediocre to adequate at safety. That might just be enough to keep them in the playoff picture this January.

For the Green Bay Packers right now it is all about weathering the storm that is the loss of Aaron Rodgers, if Ed Reed can boost the performance of a struggling defense, why wouldn’t they give him a look?

Charlie Gille


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  1. EdReedArticle   November 13, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Why did you bother to write the first four paragraphs of the article if you were just going to ignore them at the end? Ed Reed has been ineffective and hurt all this year for the Texans. The Packers should sign him to fix all their safety problems!

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