Harvard University and Why Post-Secondary Education Not the Only Option

Harvard University

While high-schoolers are constantly reminded to strive for good grades to get into a good school like Harvard University, post-secondary education is not the only option. What high-schoolers are not told is that spending thousands of dollars on accumulating information in which they have no interest and will most likely forget – merely in order to acquire a document – is silly if they know others ways to make money besides regular employment. What high school teachers will not be preaching about more than good grades is creativity, and that’s unfortunate. Creativity is under-valued in modern society, yet imagination and creative ideas jumping from one mind to another is literally how all the technological innovations that have happened over the last hundred years have spilled over into the world from just being an idea in someone’s mind.

Working a blue collar or professional job may make a pretty good living, but there must be something else worth spending 8-10 hours a day doing other than hard and stressful jobs like roofing a house or sitting in an office going through paper work. Maybe try spending enough time honing skills for a hobby or two, and developed a source of income through that hobby; for instance-drawing, writing a book, or creating video games. There is a whole world out there for you to explore yet so many people just go to their exhausting job all day and come home to a microwave TV dinner and watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, indulging themselves in mindless nonsense.

One of the best things to do once high school is done is to learn to self-educate; don’t rely on another source to feed you information, which is generally uninteresting and bland. There’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of post-secondary education and striving to go to a place like Harvard University, but just keep in mind there are alternatives. The high school education system doesn’t do a very good job of educating youth with the proper life necessities, and being told to memorize and regurgitate information on demand is not a very effective method of learning. It may be for some, but eventually it’s noticeably much easier to learn about things if the learning process is enjoyable. It seems as though school teaches kids to not think outside of the box, and programms them to lead an average life of getting used to sacrificing the majority of a day doing things that aren’t enjoyable and slaving away for a lousy paycheck from a boss that is intolerable.

Post-Secondary education such as Harvard University or other top schools may be a good path to become a doctor or lawyer, but the high school system leads people to believe that it’s the only option in life, when some of the most successful people on the planet are high school and college drop outs. Unless a person is specifically trying to become a doctor or lawyer, it’s best to go to university to attain information you believe will help with your goals, and not so much for a piece of paper to show potential employers to get a job. Spending thousands of dollars may as well be made worth it by doing something that is interesting where there’s no need to force oneself to class everyday. So many kids get degrees in apple polishing and basket weaving that are a waste of money. Look at life this way “if you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.” This was was said by Tony Gaskin. Maybe Harvard University could lead to a perfect job, maybe it won’t, but if people explore this world enough, there’s something they can grow income with that they love to get up to do every day, and there just aren’t enough people that have that in their lives.

By Brandon Webb

National Post

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