Miley Cyrus and Space Cat Sing at American Music Awards [Video]

Miley Cyrus sings at the American Music Awards
Kitty cat love

The American Music Awards took place Sunday November 24th and was of course a festival of interesting moments. A number of artists took home multiple awards such as Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Justin Timberlake, but the most interesting moment may have come from Miley Cyrus’ performance which of course, raised a number of eyebrows. Cyrus did not sing her single ‘Wrecking Ball’ alone, she had help from a space cat.

Space Cats
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The night was mostly for the fans, the artists that won the most won because of the dedication of their fans. Most music awards are for the fans but are not usually as obvious as Sunday’s American Music Awards. At one point a young lady jumped from her seat with arms raised high as One Direction beat out the competition for favorite pop/rock album. Commercial breaks were difficult to handle as fans often tried to obtain the attention of their idols by yelling out.

Miley Cyrus is of course, known for her outlandish performances and costumes among other things. The audience would have been more surprised if she had worn a dress and sang without a crazy backdrop but that was not the case. Cryus wore what is hopefully her favorite two-piece cat-print outfit along with some rather large accessories. Her large square earrings, along with her protruding circular bracelets all look to be plastic and transparent; pretty space-like. The real eye catcher was the cat floating in space behind her that mouthed the words to ‘Wrecking Ball.’

Most probably saw this and didn’t know what to think but is it not possible that this floating space cat may have been a representation of Miley Cyrus herself? The cat mouthed along during the song meaning that it knew all the lyrics and even cried during the slowdown, as the song got more intense the objects around the cat exploded and changed the cat’s environment even though it remained in space. The last shot of the cat shows it nearly alone out in space sporting the signature Miley Cyrus tongue out wink. Cyrus is an artist after all. It is more likely that “Wrecking Ball’ is about her rather than being about a space cat, after all Cyrus herself was wearing cat attire the whole time.

The awards had a number of other performances including TLC performing their classic ‘Waterfalls’ and Lady Gaga along with R.Kelly singing ‘Do What U Want’ in a strange Marilyn Monroe/ JFK representation. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won the award for favorite rap/hip hop album and used their time to speak out against racial profiling, certainly a noble cause that deserves to be shouted.

The American Music Awards certainly turned some heads. Awards were given and fans screamed happily, it was an evening that will likely greatly influence next year’s American Music Awards. While next year’s audience probably won’t see Miley Cyrus singing “Wrecking Ball’ with a cat in space they will probably see something equally interesting.

By Garrett Jutte


Los Angeles Times


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