Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Inspired Tulsa Killing?

Sandy Hook

Did the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting inspire the killing in Tulsa? From the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012 to yesterday’s killings in Tulsa, there have been close to 10,000 firearm killings in the United States. This number is just a fraction of the true horror of society. The 9,901 murders only represent the reported deaths by firearms but many of course get swept under the table. Many do not get national recognition by the media. We live in a nation where 88 out of every 100 people own a firearm. When emotions or suspicions flare (i.e. George Zimmerman) that is when triggers get pulled. There is not always a  rhyme or reason for the killings. Murders can happen anywhere such as while watching “Batman” in a theater, at the mall while shopping,while delivering mail, and last night out in Tulsa. In Tulsa just last night there was a residential murderous rampage.

Police are now looking for a white male, between the ages of 30-40 years old. He is thought to be responsible for the small massacre that took place Saturday night Nov, 23, 2013 in Tulsa. He was said to have killed four people and left another seriously injured. What’s odd about the incident is the age of those involved in the shooting. A man and woman caught in the cross fire were both said to be around 30-40. Another woman around the age of 50 was caught in the middle of these murders as well. It remains unclear as to whether the gunman stormed into the household targeting the four or fired at random. Interestingly enough, the household has been involved in several drug arrests with in the last year.

Questions remain as to whether the gunman in this shooting could possibly follow the same profile of the Sandy Hook shooter and whether the Sandy Hook shooting could have influenced the Tulsa killing. Many people were inside the household as the altercation took place. When police arrived they found others in a different part of the home. Even a small child was on the scene but thankfully survived the shooting unharmed. The situation is one that the police will have to spend ample time deciphering. A couple questions remain including “was it a set up?”; “were there others inside?” and “who knew what was going to happen?” It is odd for there to be 10 or more people in the house, yet no one knows a thing about the shooting. Other witnesses say they heard a vehicle speed off into the night shortly after hearing the shots ring out. The suspect is believed to be traveling in a vehicle. Either way, it doesn’t sound like a drug deal gone bad, but more like an intended killing. There are no reports of a robbery as of yet. It is unknown whether this man was alone or had a driver. A neighbor, Roger Gibson, has lived in the area for about a year. He states that he tries to avoid the household and claims he “could tell it was trouble.” Gibson also stated “I couldn’t believe they shot that many people.” This is just another case that adds to the overall fire-arm shootings of the year. Sadly there will probably be more shootings before the year’s end.

By Mercedes Thomas

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  1. Jessica Elfaba-Marie   December 4, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    There doesn’t seem to be any evidence arguing that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting inspired the home shooting. So please explain better next time before giving a fancy title. “Sadly, there will probably be more shootings before the years end.” I am not convinced of your sincerity.


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