Hate Crimes & Bullying as Well as Other Obnoxious ‘Alpha Male’ Mentalities

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Our society has developed into a pattern of thinking that does not always allow natural human behavior, for instance hate crimes are terrible, but hating and being violent towards those we do not know about or understand is proven by history to be natural behavior. So how do we stop it? Well I think a better question is how do we change the mindset of a person to not want to bully. Punishing someone for bullying is not going to fix the problem. A trip to detention or couple days suspension doesn’t change the psychology behind the behavior. These types of social tendencies are inappropriate and unacceptable. Which for the most part is good, but it isn’t necessarily completely healthy to suppress natural human tendencies, but rather only if they hurt others physically or mentally. Finding weakness in others and poking at it is completely natural and to think otherwise means you don’t have any understand of the flesh vehicle your currently operate. These behaviors are just as prevalent in other animals, such as wolves, who will banish other wolves from the pack if they are too weak or cowardly to be a part of that team of predators. People don’t like to accept that we have caveman genetics, and therefore are wired to live a caveman’s life, not the current one we live in which is a technological utopia that makes it so easy for a human to survive without any real survival skills they’re suppose to be developing.

When it comes to humans spreading hate crimes and misery to one another, men are usually the ones who will be most up front about it. Girls will gossip behind someone’s back, but guys get under the skin and bully other guys in person, and they just do it less to people they become friends with; it’s kind of instinctually being dominant to other guys when they first meet because of the whole alpha wolf idea. Trying to be the cool guy entails being mostly an ass-hat to everyone you meet who you believe to be below you, and from that get respect out of fear or cowardice. It’s basically chimpanzee behaviour left over through evolution and making the other men submit to your will. Although there’s a big difference between demanding respect and commanding respect, that’s why it’s good to have a strong backbone, but try to not be a hurtful person or demeaning when it’s not with “merit”. Be mostly nice, be a leader, give out positive energy and you’ll receive more positive energy back, life will go much smoother. This is essentially where forms of meditation comes in handy, it can put your mind at ease and drown out the negative energy surrounding you.

Instead of gossiping about someone, and sharing what you dislike or shouting out slander and hate crimes at someone, why not promote positivity and things that are fascinating, and have interesting discussions with your friends instead of running your mouth about other people.  Take in many people’s ideas and perspectives, at least for things that fascinate you anyway, and let those help formulate a perspective on reality and the way to manoeuvre this short life more effectively. There’s a reason the golden rule is to “treat people the way you want to be treated.” It’s because negativity will engulf this life in chaos and it becomes harder to enjoy everything this world offers when bad thoughts are rattling around in your brain like a ball in a spray can. Everyone is going to encounter problems everywhere they go, and there’s so many people who say they hate drama but then stir it up for other people to deal with.  That backwards behavior everywhere. Don’t try and please everyone, just acknowledge their existence and avoid them if there’s no interest in interacting with them. It’s really that simple. It’s unfortunate so many hate crimes and violence is spread around when it’s so much easier and healthier to spread positivity and love.

Then there’s the subject of girls remaining stuck with a guy that’s bad for them. Most girls give too many chances to a guy that bad for their mental health, just because they see that little bit of awesome potential buried under that loser of a guy, and they feel they can bring that awesome out of them and make things work, but it’s really up to the guy to make the change. Generally those kinds of men are just good at telling you what you want to hear. Try to notice how most guys will show their true colours when they aren’t getting what they want. Look for someone who has things together in their own life, because if a guy can’t pull it together for himself, he sure won’t be able to hold things together for the two of you. This may sound cliché but be with someone who can be a best friend, because if there’s no enjoyment in just having someone in your company, things aren’t going to last long. Don’t go looking for love, just stay on a path in life, and be there person you see yourself as, people that are a good match will be drawn to your personality.

By Brandon Webb

USA Today
LA Times
ABC News

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