Have You Checked Your Bananas for Spiders? [Video]

Brazilian Wandering Spiders

Deadly Spiders Found on BananasI know it’s one of the last things one would expect, but have you checked your bananas for spiders lately? A family had to temporarily leave their home after deadly spiders started hatching from their store bought bananas. This wasn’t just your everyday gang of spiders; it was a heap of deadly South American spiders.

This was the horrible experience that occurred after Consi Taylor purchased Sainsbury’s bananas from her local supermarket. She found dozens of the world’s most venomous spiders emerging from the banana she was eating. Within minutes these deadly spiders were all over her kitchen floor.

Consi said the horrifying incident started when she spotted a small white patch on the banana’s skin. She assumed the fuzzy spot was mold related and continued eating around it. She would have never thought to check the banana for spiders.

As she continued to enjoy the banana she noticed that dozens of baby spider were coming out of the fuzzy patch and crawling all over the banana. She said the spiders were quickly hatching out and scurrying all over her table and within seconds sprouting across the carpeted floor.

Somehow in the midst of her obvious fear she managed to snap a photo of the creepy spider covered banana to send to a nearby pest control company.

Once the picture was received the pest control specialists responded immediately telling her and to gather her family and vacate their home as fast as possible. They feared that these spiders were not just ordinary pests but were Brazilian wandering spiders.

Brazilian wandering spiders are listed in the 2010 Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most venomous spiders; an arachnid commonly known the “banana spider.”

Their nickname originated because they are notorious for hiding within the leaves of banana plants across Central and South America. This tremendously aggressive Brazilian wandering spider houses venom that contains a deadly poison that is known to induce severe breathing problems, partial paralysis, total loss of muscle control and eventual asphyxiation.

A couple years ago, another arachnid, also believed to be a Brazilian wandering spider caused an entire grocery store in Germany to evacuate. The spider was seen underneath a shelf close to a new shipment of bananas the store had received.

Ultimately this family; Consi, her husband Robert and their two young children, were forced were forced to leave their home for three days while their home was fumigated.

Following the thorough, but lengthy, fumigation process the family had to also dry-clean all their clothes. The Taylor family racked up a hefty bill totaling $1,600; this covered all the pest control measures and hotel expenses. The supermarket paid their entire bill for the trouble they incurred by shopping at their place of business.

A spokesperson for the supermarket has expressed their sincere regret for the inconvenience. They apologized to the family and explained that they do have a rigorous control process for imported products at all stages; from harvesting to delivery. They said this is a very rare incident.

Consi said she hopes she didn’t accidentally eat one but is not sure. She added that now she has a serious phobia of buying or eating bananas and is afraid they might not all be gone from her residence.

Even though this is a rare incident, I’m sure it’s one Richard and Consi Taylor won’t forget.

A family was forced to vacate their home and move to a hotel because a cocoon of deadly spiders hatched from a banana that was in the process being eaten.

The great news is this experience is not common, however, it is still possible; so the question is worth repeating, “Have you checked your bananas for spiders lately?”

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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