Helicopter Crashes into Scottish Pub

Helicopter Crashes into Clutha Vaults PubA helicopter crashed into Glasgow’s Clutha Vaults pub in Scotland today. There are said to be multiple injuries and many more people climbing out of the pub to safety. Images from the crash have been just recently been posted on social media. The wreckage is said to have a “Police” logo on the roof of the helicopter.

A Twitter post from “The Police Roll of Honour Trust,” sent their thoughts and prayers to the crew of the SP99 helicopter, and they hoped that everyone is ok.

Customers in the pub said that the crash sounded like a giant explosion. They went on to say that the pub was covered in dust just before the panic ensued, as patrons made their way to the exit.

It was estimated that 120 people were inside the pub at the time of the crash, and there were no warnings or sounds heard by patrons prior to the crash.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have confirmed that special services and 15 fire engines were dispatched to the scene. About 40 fire brigade staff are present and on the scene now. It was mentioned that some passers-by were also helping at the crash site.

The pub is a very popular location in Glasgow, especially on Friday nights.

It is not known at this time if there have been any casualties.

By Brent Matsalla

BBC News

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