iOS 7 Brings iBooks to the Modern Age

iOS 7

iBooks has always had the traditional, wooden bookshelf look but the new iOS 7 has brought it into the modern age. The front covers of books will still be visible but there is less distraction surrounding them. It’s just the latest update for the new version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system.

Apple Inc. Rolls Out New Operating System

The new system for iPhones and iPads was rolled out back in September 2013. It was a major change to the system—the biggest since the introduction of the iPhone Smartphone. There were many people against it but others loved the stylish design and modern interface. The controversy was nothing like the roll out of iOS 6 the year before when Google Maps was no longer available and Apple changed to its own version of Maps, which didn’t work.

Only iPods were not able to get the newest iOS 7 update. Instead, they got their own version, which was iOS 6.1.5. They will now be able to view the new style of the book app.

Changes to a Number of Apps

Many apps on the Apple network needed to be changed and updated to fit with the new style. Others had to be updated to add the extra security needed. iCloud Keychain was one of those, which stores credit card details, passwords and other sensitive information across the different Apple devices for easier retrieval.

iBooks has needed an update to suit the modern age of iOS 7 from the beginning. The Newspaper Stand app quickly received it but it has taken two months for developers to change the wooden iBooks shelf. It made this app stand out from all the rest and not for the right reasons.

Users will be happy to know that only the look to the shelf has changed. The functionality and look of the books themselves has not. People can still flip the pages, as if they were flipping the pages of a real book, and will still be able to zoom in and out as they have always done. It is still possible to have two pages visible at a time by turning the iPad or iPhone device on its side and the devices will sync easily to keep your shelf updated.

Know If Your Book Is Updated

Textbooks are available for the shelf but they are updated regularly. For many subjects, it’s important to stay up to date. Before the style change, one of the latest updates was the way that iBooks now informs you if a book has been updated. You can quickly go into iTunes and download the update. There is no extra cost to you, either; a major benefit for students around the world.

There are still apps that need updating but iBooks was one of the most commonly used. It makes sense to focus on updating that and then working on the rest. So far, there has been glowing support for this update. The modern age update of iBooks brings all main apps in line with the iOS 7 style.

By Alexandria Ingham

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