Alec Baldwin Wins Courtroom Drama

Sabourin handed down seven months jail term by the Manhattan Criminal Court Judge

Alec Baldwin After a week of court room drama Alec Baldwin wins the case against his stalker Genevieve Sabourin. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum sentenced Alec Baldwin’s stalker Genevivie Sabourin for a seven month jail term. Ms. Sabourin was handed down the maximum sentence of six months plus the additional 30 days for contempt of court.

Baldwin met Sabourin in 2000 on the set of the sci-fi comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash in Montreal, Canada. Sabourin, hailing from Quebec was the publicist for the film produced by Martin Bregman. Baldwin and Sabourin then met in 2010 in Manhattan.  Baldwin insists that he discussed career related matters with Sabourin while she is adamant that Baldwin is a liar as they had a one night stand at the Lowell Hotel.

Sabourin relentlessly started stalking Baldwin after that night. According to the evidence produced before the court, Sabourin sent Baldwin e-mails, telephoned him on a regular basis and paid unannounced visits at his houses, one at Long Island and the other at Greenwich Village. In one of the e-mails provided as evidence against Sabourin, she asks Baldwin to marry her and begged Baldwin to help her “conceive a mini-Baldwin.” In addition she visited the yoga classes of Hilaria, then the fiancee of Baldwin and now his wife. Baldwin married Hilaria in 2011 and now they have a child out of this wedlock.

The judge, after hearing both the defense and the prosecution attorneys, decided in favor of Alec Baldwin. Sabourin was held guilty on two counts of stalking, one count of harassment and one count of attempted aggravated harassment. She was handed down the maximum sentence of six months for stalking and on top of that additional 30 days of jail time for her elaborate drama in the courtroom, including yelling at Baldwin and shouting obscenities at Mrs. Baldwin and threatening her with dire consequences.

It is to be noted that Sabourin rejected a plea bargain that was offered to her through the office of the Manhattan district attorney. If she had accepted the plea bargain she would have spared herself spending seven months behind bars.

The Judge speaking to Sabourin said that,”The rules of civil society apply to you as to anyone else,” before he announced the sentence. Sabourin started sobbing and shouted at the judge that,”I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m innocent.” Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin on their part breathed a sigh of relief as in the last couple of months their life had been turned into a “nightmare” by Sabourin. In fact Baldwin, testifying during the trial cried in front of the all present in the courtroom and declared that Sabourin has left no stone unturned to ruin his happy married life. Further, he added that it was only on the request of the producer Martin Bregman that he had dinner with Ms. Sabourin and he had no relations of any kind with her. He said that the last couple of months of his life were as surrealist and horror filled as an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

Whatever the truth the bitter saga has finally culminated. On the one hand Alec Baldwin’s ordeal has ended while that of Sabourin has just started with this sentence, teaching her a lesson to not ever stalk a celebrity and to abstain from undue dramatics.

By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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