Playstation 4 Release Date Brings Share Button and Features Galore

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It’s here! Round the winter coats or flip-flops if in warmer climates and hit the local retailer for the PS4. The device boasted a release date a full week ahead of Xbox One – and lines, locally were jamming. Getting up from bed was no easy feat but needing to speak to the public about what they were looking forward to was much needed. From Gamestop to Wal-Mart there were a good amount of lines with some young adults yawning from a full-day camp-out waiting for the newest Playstation console release.

Playstation Long Lines, Patient Hearts

Prior to chatting with RJ of Westlake, Ohio, he paused and looked around for a camera. When advised his vocal opinion would only be needed, he issued a hearty sigh, “My boss would kill me if he found out I called off for a launch!” After sharing a laugh, David stated he had camped out with his son Thursday morning, calling it a moment to bond, “we talked a lot about wrestling and video games. I am the busy dad, I work about 60 hours weekly and this was exhausting, but man the look on my son’s face when he gets it into his hands? All the Christmas I need.”

Other fans of PS4 were thrilled with many of the newest features and specs galore for the Playstation 4, including the newest Share button. De’Von P. from Cleveland was beaming when he left the local Gamestop with one in hand. When asked how did it feel to hold the device, the youngster grinned a mile long, “my friends are always and I mean always on me to show them how to get past something. They are a mess. The Share thing with Playstation is gonna be cool, as long it works.” He eagerly headed to join his grandparents, who didn’t look as thrilled as the youngster! Leesa M. from Bay Village offered, “it was kind. Everyone has been patient and excited for whoever received theirs. We know not everyone will get one, but this is cool. It brings a kind of solidarity to gamers.”

 PS4 Features

What are fans so excited about? The PS4 was announced in February and since that time, consumers have been aching to get their hands on the console.  Here are some of the cooler features surrounding and within the Playstation 4:

  • Sony released a manual that addresses 160 PS4 questions (that link is found at the end of this article.) It discusses upgrades, memberships, game compatibility, parental control and much much more.
  • Developers are just as excited as fans, reportedly more than 170 games are in production for the PS4.
  • De’Von mentioned the Share button. This feature will allow gamers to capture 15 minutes of gameplay – this is useful for Twitter sharers or just for bragging on Facebook. Gamers can share the video easily from their console to a social media site.
  • After much backlash, Sony relented and is allowing gamers to continue to share and re-sell their games. Just as a heads-up it’s not guaranteed how long this will last.
  • Enhanced controller
    Enhanced controller

    The remote, which always has been a personal favorite, received a make-over. Enhanced for DualShock, the remote also permits motion control, that nifty Share button redesigned trigger buttons and a built in speaker.

  • More than 20 games will be available today for selection when consumers hit the store to purchase the in-demand console.
  • PSN ID’s are no longer secret ID requirements, allowing gamers to maintain their real name, with caution of course. Adding friends to your PSN listed and consistently hitting the limits? No worries, Sony upped that ante to 2,000 available slots for friends.
  • Have a Vita? With the remote play feature, gamers can continue their hot game on the Vita from their console. In addition, sync the Vita with the PS4 and operate the game on the television with the Vita.
  • Entertainment apps will definitely be on the Playstation 4. Subscribers can enjoy access to EPIX, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Redbox, VUDU, NBA Game Time and just about another dozen more selections.
  • Open the box for the 500GB console awesomeness of the PS4, with the DualShock 4 controller with some massive Rumble enhancement, an HDMI cable, a USB cable – and vouchers for the PS Plus Online services and the PS Network and Music Unlimited.

PS4 Wrap-Up

Sony wrapped up the PS4 in amazing features and incredible specs. With today’s release date, gamers can enjoy the Share button and features galore for true gameplay. Could arriving a week earlier than their competitor Xbox, provide a boost PS4 needs? The console has fallen to second place over the past several years, it appears the PS4 may just break that streak. Bought the PS4, played a game? Share your experience with others below.

Share your awesome gameplay with friends.
Share your awesome gameplay with friends.


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