Did Chris Brown Exchange Rehab for Jail? [video]

Chris Brown Leaves Rehab After Two Weeks

Chris Brown Left Rehab After 2 WeeksChris Brown has willfully checked out of rehab after only two weeks. He left inpatient rehab but is he headed to jail. It seems to the singer that he’s been rehabilitated, again, after only two weeks. He’s decided he’d rather opt for outpatient treatment.

Brown entered an unspecified Malibu rehab facility at the end of October; allegedly to conquer his anger issues. He voluntarily checked out and supposedly will finish with an outpatient facility.

According to Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, the R&B crooner checked into the facility because he wanted to do some introspection.

Brown’s quick visit to rehab came on the heels of his arrest on suspicion of assault outside of a Washington, D.C. hotel.

The question bears repeating, “Did Chris Brown exchange rehab for jail?”

Chris Brown hasn’t changed since his initial stunt with Rihanna and seems to have very little remorse. He continues to act out in these wild and violent outbursts. It seems that he either believes he is above the law and needs to spend some time in jail or he has a real problem and needs to be locked down in rehab.

Brown has suffered no real consequences for his actions; and without change, He is headed to jail.

Chris Brown and Rihanna ReuniteThat’s not to say that he hasn’t had any repercussions for his choices but they obviously haven’t been strong enough to invoke a different mindset.

Brown is currently navigating his court-ordered community service; which was increased by 1,000 hours in August. So yes, he has been given consequences but not enough for his behavior to change.

Brown needs to get serious about controlling his anger. He needs to submit himself to extensive therapy so no one else gets hurt by his notorious antics or he can stay the same and end up in jail.

Here are a couple of Brown’s more notorious antics where his consequences weren’t strong enough:

He had a fight with his girlfriend. Brown and Rihanna reportedly started to fight in a Lamborghini that the couple was occupying together. After arguing back and forth, Brown allegedly responded further by choking Rihanna and threatening to kill her. Reportedly she ended up losing consciousness during the fight.

By the time the police arrived at the scene Rihanna was alone and suffering horrific injuries from the hand of Brown. It was also reported that the singer suffered major contusions on both sides of her face, a busted lip, black eye, bloody nose and bite marks.

Rihanna had to be taken to a hospital for treatment. Brown eventually turned himself in and was charged with assault and making a criminal threat. Of course he posted bail and was released.

Chris Brown on Good Morning America

Brown later had a tantrum after his Good Morning America interview. Brown went crazy after being questioned by Robin Roberts, TV anchor, about the Rihanna incident. He finished his first scheduled performance then stormed off the set and didn’t return for his second act.

According to reports, Brown couldn’t contain his anger and had a violent outburst; he ripped off his shirt, started yelling and then smashed a window with a chair.

Brown then went to confront the producer of the segment; and according to ABC News, security had to be called. By the time security got to area Brown had already raged out of the ABC network studio and was out in Times Square.

Here we are again where Chris recently found himself behind bars for punching a guy in the face. The singer got into an argument with a man outside of the W hotel; the disagreement quickly heightened and ended with Brown getting arrested on felony charges. After his court appearance his charges were reduced to misdemeanor level.

This incident happened while Brown is already on probation. One would think that he would have found another way to handle the disagreement in order to stay out of jail. But no, not Chris Brown, he acts as if he’s delighted to be headed to jail.

Intermingled within Brown’s more serious allegations he has had multiple altercations with fellow artists in the music industry. He’s just a ball of fire waiting to explode; but instead of focusing on getting better he checks himself out of inpatient rehab.

After two weeks Chris Brown has voluntarily checked out of rehab. Perhaps he feels rehabilitated or that he never really need rehab in the first place. He’s a free man again but is the singer headed to jail?



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Guardian Express
LA Times

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  1. oldschool   November 17, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Chris keep your Head up
    Be Honest to yourself what ever happen
    Keep your Head up God Have the last Word
    Pray , Pray, l am praying for you God and you know your fear


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