iPad Air Trade-In Specials and Best Deals

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It is here and highly in demand; the iPad Air is officially launched. As buyers sigh into the light awesome hold of this advanced technology, more consumers sit with empty hands. They are looking for the best trade-in deals for their old tablets. It seems big box king, Wal-Mart is looking to turn the scales in their favor, but not so fast. It appears Apple and Best Buy are stepping up to plate with additional retailers.

Trade-In Specials

Holding a clunky older generation of iPad? Get ready to drop it like it’s hot and head to these online and local retailers to trade it in. Apple, Amazon and Wal-Mart are offering mail-in trade in specials for iPad 2, 3, 4 and even the iPad mini original. Sources advise Apple is willing to offer a $216 gift card in place for an iPad 2 in good, working condition. Wal-Mart and Best Buy are offering in-store customers immediate trade-in deals. If a customers owns the original iPad mini in excellent condition, receive up to a $300 trade-in gift card. That knocks the original iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB retail price of $499 down to a dainty $199 out of the door.

Best Buy is offering a great deal
Best Buy is offering a great deal

Carriers AT&T and Verizon also want in on the iPad trade-in specials and best deals. Both retailers are reviewing iPad trade-ins for up to a $200 in-store credit. AT&T offers trade-in specials from their website but a consumer would have to wait until the mail shows up with the gift card.  For iPads with some wear and tear or even a crack, check out Gazelle or Next Worth who may be willing to offer up to $255 in cash for the trade-in.

iPad Air Best Deals

If envy is winning because some consumers may not have an iPad to trade-in, no worries. Many retailers and carriers are offering alternative specials and deals.  Wal-Mart is offering the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad Air model for $479, $20 off the suggested retail price. Typically, customers have to bargain and fight with Apple to receive a matched price. That is the case no longer! Apple and Best Buy are stepping in to offer a price match.

Wal-Mart is boasting $20 off the original price
Wal-Mart is boasting $20 off the original price

Consumers will have to present an ad with the lower price to both Best Buy and Apple. That should not be a problem as Wal-Mart is gladly promoting the $479 iPad Air on their site. Consumers who have visited Best Buy do have a warning for local consumers – confirm with surrounding Wal-Mart’s the iPad Air is in stock. This is the only way Best Buy will offer a price match, the electronics giant will not honor that if Wal-Mart has no inventory to price match against. If visiting an Apple store it is suggested to call ahead if that location is willing to price-match.

Verizon and AT&T are touting their installment payment plans with no activation fees. With approved credit, a consumer can pay sales tax and have the brand new iPad in their hand within a few days, with no trade-in. Both carriers offer the Wi-Fi with Cellular version which is $629.99 with a contract, with AT&T’s Next plan, the monthly installment payment is $31.50 monthly atop of rate plan charges.


The iPad Air is making an impact! With enhanced specs such as the A7 chip, 64-bit architecture and it’s barely there weight, consumers are looking to purchase it for personal reason or the Holiday season. Splurge with savings from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack and carriers. If there are trade-in specials or best deals not mentioned here, list it in the comments to share with the public.


 Written by Angelina Bouc 

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