Recap: Cowboys 27, Vikings 24

Cowboys host Vikings

Cowboys kicked off to the Vikings and Patterson took the ball out to the 20, returning 31 yards before he was stopped by Danny McCrae.

The Vikings went without a huddle and gained a first down.

Scandrick broke up a pass bring up 3rd and 9. Ponder took I from the shotgun but the pocket collapsed. Ponder scrambled for the first down at midfield.

Petersen took the ball and ran but a hold brought the ball back.  Petersen caught the pass and was tacked at the 50 for 3rd and 9. Cowboys blitzed and Ponder escaped a sack, throwing the ball downfield for an incomplete.

Romo passed to Beasley on 3rd and 6 for a gain of 13 and a first down. Bryant had a catch and run for another first down.  Murray broke lose ad rushed for 27 for another first down. On 2nd & 10, Romo passed to Randall and he was hit by Sandejo after a gain of 3.  On 3rd and 7, Bryant missed the catch to force a field goal try from 41 yards. The kick was good, putting up the first points of the game.

Patterson took the kickoff again and ran it back 45 yards.

Ponder handed off to Petersen who gained 5 before being stopped by Lee.  Ponder passed a quick one for a gain of 7.  Petersen was stopped behind the line of scrimmage to bring up 3rd and 10. Ponder passed 14 yards complete to Jarius Wright for first down.

Another pass to Greg Jennings gained another first down.  Ponder faked a handoff, and passed downfield to Simpson in double coverage. Carr got a hand on the ball but Simpson pulled it in for 1st down.

At 1st down, Ponder threw a high pass over Simpson’s head and out-of-bounds. On 2nd & ten the handoff was t Petersen and he gained 3 for 3rd and 7. Out of the shotgun, Ponder handed off to Petersen who got to the five for 4th down.  Vikings kicked a 23 yard field goal to tie the game.

Harris took a knee in the end zone for a touchback.  Vikings defense punched through to stop the run in the backfield, then Romo through an incomplete to Bryant. On 3rd 13, Romo was flushed out and the pass was incomplete and almost picked off.  Cowboys punted to Sherels who took the ball returning until the kicker Chris Jones took him down

On 2nd & 3, pass was overthrown for 3rd and 3.  Ponder passed for the first down but he was immediately tackled. The quarter ended with the score 3-3.

Ponder scrambled to his left throwing on the run, incomplete out the sideline.

3rd & 8, from the shotgun, Ponder passed complete but short of the 1st down.  Vikings went for it, but Cowboys Selvie stuffed Petersen on the run to take over on downs.

Romo caught a pass for 7 yards to bring up 2nd down.  Witten got the next pass for the first down, forcing the Vikings defender.  Romo passed to Murray who ran across the field then cut up-field for 12 yards before being forced out-of-bounds.  Romo out of the shotgun again, passed to Murray for 5 across the 45 yard line.  Bryant caught a pass for 4 but was short of the first down.  On 3rd and 1, Murray ran for six for the first down.

Romo faked the handoff and passed to James Hannah who made it to the 25 before being brought down. Romo faked another hand off and passed to Beasley for another first. He was in midfield alone and uncovered.

Romo passed to Beasley but he dropped the ball at the five to bring up 2nd down.  Romo in the shotgun got packed out of the pocket ad sacked back at the 23.  At 3rd and 18, Romo from the shotgun was sacked again, bringing up a 44 yard field goal attempt that was good for 6-3, Cowboys.

Patterson ran the ball back to the 21. Petersen got the ball and ran left for 2.  Petersen ran 13 yards for a first down on 2nd and 4, met by Barry Church on the sideline.

Ponder passed to Wright for another first down run.  Ponder passed to Petersen who shook 2 tackles before being tackled at the 20. Petersen carried again to the 15.

After the 2-minute warning, Petersen was caught in the backfield by Hatcher for no gain.  On 3rd and goal, Ponder could find no one open so he rushed and dived across the goal line for a touchdown.

With 1:46 Romo’s pass was incomplete to Beasley. On 3rd and 17, Romo passed downfield to Williams, who caught it at the 40 for 29 yards.  Cowboys called timeout.  From the shotgun with 59 sec, Romo passed to Murray for a gain of 4 before running out-of-bounds.  Staying in the shotgun, Witten caught, bobbled and dropped the ball to bring up 3rd and 6.  With 48 sec, Romo faked the handoff and was sacked by Jared Allen.  Cowboys punted with 8 seconds left. Sherels returned it to the 21 with 26 seconds. The score at halftime was 10-6, Vikings.

Cowboys received the ball to start the 3rd quarter and Harris took the ball from the end one to the 26.

Bryant caught a pass for 4 yards to the 30.  Murray rushed for 3, bringing up 3rd. Romo passed to Beasley to gain 11.  Romo passed to Witten who ran for 26 yards for a first down.  Romo faked the hand off and passed downfield to Witten for a touchdown.

Patterson dropped the kick off and watched it bounce out-of-bounds inside the five.  Ponder was sacked d in the end zone, and Cowboys recovered for a touchdown by Nick Hayden.

Dallas scored two touchdowns in 10 seconds to put the score to 20-10.

Jennings caught and ran for 27 yard gain across the 50. Petersen caught and rushed for 13 before being pushed out-of-bounds.  Petersen got 1 yard on a handoff. Lee stopped him just over the line of scrimmage.  Lee has 11 interceptions and leads all NFL linebackers.

Ponder faked another handoff then passed downfield. Kyle Rudolph was hit but escaped to run into the end zone for his 3rd touchdown, ringing the score to 20-17. Medical staff tended him on the field as it looked like his left ankle got rolled up while he was being tackled at the goal line.

The Cowboys started the drive with a delay of game. Murray rushed on 3rd and 1 but was held back. Cowboys punted the ball away to a fair catch.

Petersen was stuffed behind the line of scrimmage by Sean Lee.  Ponder passed to Carlson, but was tackled after a gain of only 2.  Carlson caught the ball again but was brought down by Brandon Carr.

Rudolph has an ankle injury and is questionable to return, Pam Oliver reports.

Harris took the kickoff and was tackled at once by Sendejo.

Romo passed downfield to Williams who caught the ball but was hit at once by Raymond, drawing a flag.  It looked like helmet to helmet but on replay showed Raymond used his shoulder.  ON 2nd & 10, Romo passed to Dunbar who was smothered by Vikings after a gain of 8. Dunbar caught the ball behind the line of scrimmage ad jumped forward for 2. A flag came in against the Vikings, unnecessary roughness for 15 yards and first down.

Romo’s pass was behind Dez Bryant for a second and 10. Bryant caught complete for 4 yards to bring up 3rd and 6.  The pocket collapsed and Romo ran and slid head-first for the first down.

Romo escaped the failing pocket again but his pass down to Bryant was incomplete. On 2nd and 10, under center, Dunbar was brought down for a loss of 5. On 3rd and 15, from the shotgun with an empty backfield, the ball went out-of-bounds but Bryant drew an offensive interference call.  Bryant removed his helmet on the field and drew an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the score remained 20-17.

Petersen ran for 17 yards to the 24. Patterson caught the ball for five yards and was hit immediately.  Petersen gained one yard, tackled by Hatcher.

Ponder threw an interception to Scandrick, his second of the season. Everett Brown got pressure in Ponder’s face.

Romo passed to Witten for a completion.  Romo had to escape the pocket but threw for first down to Dunbar.  In the shotgun, Romo completed to Witten. Witten drew a pass interference flag, pulling the play back. On 1st and 20, Romo passed short to Murray for 2.  Bryant dropped a pass that would have given them first down. On 3rd and 18 Romo rolled to the right, but the Cowboys drew a flag for face mask. The flag was declined because Romo’s pass was incomplete. Cowboys punted on 4th and 18.

Sherels fair caught the ball at the 13. Ponder’s pass was incomplete to Jennings bringing up 2nd down.

Dallas drew another flag giving Minnesota the first down and five yards.  Petersen was dropped behind the line of scrimmage by Barry Church.

Ponder ran from the pocket then passed to Jerome Felton on the run for a first down.  Petersen broke through the line for 52 yards.  Dallas called a timeout.  Jennings caught a pass to bring up 3rd & 4.

Ponder had to run for it and was tackled at the 10, the spot put him short of the 1st down, bringing up 4th. Viking went for it on 4th and Petersen got the 1st down, fought and carried several Cowboys into the end zone for the touchdown.  After review, the ruling stood, and the extra point missed the extra point, leaving the score 23-20.

Romo’s pass was good, but Rhodes was hit by his own teammate, Greenway,on the back of the helmet, and needed medical attention on the field.

Romo found Witten for the first down, but Cowboys drew a flag for illegal hands to the face for a 10 yard loss. Beasley got some of the yardage back. Romo’s pass to Williams was intercepted by Jefferson.

Ponder overthrew on first down. On 2nd and 10, Petersen got a yard. On 3rd and 9, Ponder ran but Ponder was caught by Scandrick to bring up 4th and 5.  Vikings went for it instead of trying for the 54 yard field goal. Ponder tried to draw the Cowboys offsides but failed. Locke punted and it was fair caught by Harris at the 10 yard line.

Romo passed to Witten for first down. Romo passed to Harris to the 25 bringing up the 2-minute warning.

Beasley ran down to the 45 with 1:50 remaining. Romo passed to Williams but couldn’t hold on to the ball. On 2nd & 10 Romo passed to Bryant who ran 34 yards for the first down. Beasley caught the next pass to get into the red zone.  Witten caught a short pass but was kept inbounds. Dallas called timeout to stop the clock at 47 seconds.  On 1st and goal, Romo had to throw the ball away, leaving 42 seconds.

On 2nd and goal, Romo escaped the pocket and tossed the ball to Harris for the touchdown.  The extra point was good, bringing the score 27-23, the fourth lead change of the day.

With 35 seconds remaining on the clock, the Cowboys kicked off to the Vikings. Ponder’s pass was almost intercepted by Webb, leaving 22 seconds on the clock.  In the shotgun again, Brown beat the block and stripped Ponder, bringing up 3rd down. Ponder recovered the ball.

With 15 seconds left, Ponder passed downfield to Carlson who was short of the first down.  The Vikings spent a timeout.  Carlson caught the pass for the first down; the Vikings burned their last timeout.

With 4 seconds remaining, Ponder had a solid pocket, but his pass downfield was short. Time expired and the game was over, Cowboys win 27-24.

Romo’s control of the line and the calls in the last drive of the game made it possible for the Cowboys to grab the touchdown and the lead. The Dallas defense  that played so well throughout the game stood strong and forced the Ponder to make a poor decision that locked in the win for the Cowboys.


By Brandi Tasby



Dez 30-yard Penalty

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