Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Red Carpet to Hug Young Tearful Fan (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Red Carpet to Comfort Young Tearful Fan

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Red Carpet to Comfort Young Tearful Fan

Jennifer Lawrence was not just in the United Kingdom to be on television, she was there for the premiere of the latest Hunger Games film in the franchise, Catching Fire. While attending the red carpet event, she left the approach to hug a young tearful fan. Showing just what a class act she is. We have the video of the actress caught in the “act”  below.

It looks like the 23 year-old Oscar winning actress has taken over the mantle of America’s sweetheart from Jennifer Aniston. Aniston used to be the girl next door that made pulses race, but her days as the nice young pin-up are over. Aniston now falls more into cougar country. However, another Jennifer has taken her place.

On the rainy Monday night premiere for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Jennifer was working her way along the red carpet when she spotted a very young, and tearful, fan sitting in the rain on a wheelchair. Once she spotted the upset young girl, Lawrence moved through her security and past the barriers so she could get to the youngster.

The Katniss Everdeen actress stopped and knelt down to speak to the girl and what appeared to be the child’s mother. Once she was on the same level as her tearful fan, she spoke to the crying child. After a few short moments of comfort, Lawrence then posed for a picture with the youngster. After “mum” took the picture, Jennifer gave the child another hug before standing up to resume her approach on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence leaving the red carpet to hug the tearful young fan is nothing special for this down to earth star. This is the same person who gets excited by meeting and talking to Jack Nicholson and who also admits that she liked “peeing” in the surf while filming. This young star is a unassuming as your best friend’s younger sister.

If nothing else, this hard to see incident was not a publicity stunt, nor was it done to as part of the red carpet event. It was a spontaneous show of affection and kindness towards a young, upset fan. The camera that caught the event was constantly being blocked by the security team who were there to protect Lawrence. Despite this somewhat obstructed view, anyone can see that Lawrence cared about the upset little one.

It has to be noted that not only did the young fan get two hugs and a few words from Jennifer Lawrence, as well as a picture, the star also signed an autograph. For free. Sylvester Stallone and others who charge for this privilege should take note. Lawrence was reportedly in mid-interview when she spotted the young fans distress. If so, she did not let it stop her from getting to her upset admirer.

Jennifer has a reputation of being warm-hearted, kind, and funny. She took the opportunity at the rainy Monday night premiere to show her first two qualities to a young fan who will, no doubt, remember this incident for the rest of her life.

As one journalist, Kat Giantis, put it, the Oscar winning star has always come across as “sweet, approachable” and full of compassion. Even if you  were in love with Jennifer Lawrence before she left the red carpet to hug a young tearful fan, her display of kindness would have made you fall for her all over again. If not, it would  at least make you a fan. We have included the video of the red carpet hugs below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom




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  1. Hope Lawrence doesn’t change from her natural self. In fact, though she looks stunning in this photo, I like her better without all the glitz and glam. As for the other Jennifer. I hate the term cougar. Whoever came up with it is an idiot. Why do we need these stupid labels anyway? Aniston is a lovely women with no reason to feel edged out by a younger woman. Actually when you think of their career paths it doesn’t even make sense. Hollywood should not set the standards for people, since most of the time their standards are based solely on who’s movie or show is making the biggest bucks.

  2. I enjoyed all of your article except for the unnecessary diss on Jennifer Anniston and calling her a cougar. That’s not even the correct use of the word. I’m 23 like Jennifer Lawrence but when people write things like that it makes me dread getting older because of how weird people get towards you for no reason. Not even if you look good. It sucks and you should have more respect for both girls and women imho.

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