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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the star of The Hunger Games and has been in the news a lot recently. Catching Fire has just been released and the star opted to make a major change by swapping her long brown locks for a blonde pixie cut. However, there are still a number of little known facts about Jennifer Lawrence that may be of interest.

Fact #1: Miss. Lawrence Never Took Acting Lessons as a Child

The Hunger Games star never took an acting class when she was younger. Lawrence did not even join a drama class. Her first taste of theater was while at a summer camp where she was a nurse. At the time, her aspiration was to become a doctor. When she was younger, she played the role of a prostitute during an adaptation of the Book of Jonah. She was 14 when she was discovered while on a family vacation and graduated from high school early to continue her career.

Fact #2: She Loved to Play Sport

In The Hunger Games, Lawrence climbs trees, shoots arrows and runs around saving her life and that of Peta. In real life, she loved sports and played soft ball, field hockey and basketball. Lawrence was barred from playing sports with other girls because she was too rough. She was also a high school cheerleader and straight-A student. To get ready for her role on Hunger Games, she worked out twice a day but does like to be lazy.

Fact #3: Lawrence Wanted to be Bella Swan

Bella Swan was a character in the Twilight Saga loved by many girls around the world. While Kristen Stewart got the role,  Lawrence was just one of the many who auditioned, one of the least known facts about Lawrence. When Stewart was selected for Twilight, Lawrence took a part in The Burning Plain. Other roles she auditioned for include Lisbeth Salander from the remake of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Superbad’s Jules.

Fact #4: She Nearly Didn’t Take the Role of Katniss

Lawrence had to think about the role for three days before agreeing to take it. Unlike Twilight, she knew that this movie was highly anticipated and would be big. It would completely change her career path and her life. Lawrence had never been raised to be a showbiz child and she has often said that her parents wanted her to pursue a different path. She was also worried that the same thing would happen to her as it did to Kristen Stewart.

Fact #5: Justin Timberlake was Her Teen Crush

Many females around Lawrence’s age will understand. When she was in her teens, Justin Timberlake had just hit the scenes as part of the 5-piece, ‘Nsync. He quickly became her teen crush.

Lawrence is still relatively new on the Hollywood scene, so there is still a lot that people don’t know. These five facts are just some of the little known ones about Jennifer Lawrence right now. Catching Fire is set to be out in theaters on November 22.

By Alexandria Ingham

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