Kanye West Latest Music Video Bound 2 Irritate (Video)

Kanye West Latest Music Video Bound 2 Irritate

Kanye West premiered his latest music video for the track Bound 2 and it is “Bound 2” irritate anyone who listens to it. It cannot be denied that West has been blessed with genius when doing anything musical. While the 36 year-old singer/songwriter does have an obvious ego issue, he is still talented enough that said issue is understandable. He allowed Ellen to give the music video its first showing and, in a nutshell, the video was excruciating to watch and listen to.

West usually hits some real highs with his music, this time though, his muse has let West down; badly. If “Ye” was relying upon his fiance Kim Kardashian to fill the job of muse in waiting, he should think seriously about replacing her. In this particular instance, Kim has let Kanye and his fans down. Watching the music video it seems apparent that West knew this. Why else would he have his fiance appear in the video topless.

To be fair to the 34 year-old reality television star, her assets are in the shadows so no real detail comes through. While this could be mistaken as a sign of modesty the fact that the rest of Kim was apparently photoshopped clearly indicates a certain amount of vanity. As little as Kardashian has to do in the music video it hardly seems worth the effort.

There is an old saying that states love is blind, it would not hurt for love to be deaf as well, especially when watching and listening to West’s latest musical effort. It is “Bound 2” irritate the heck out of anyone who has to experience this mess.

Old fans are pleased, at least according to the comments left on YouTube. Others are not so pleased or impressed with Kanye’s newest track. With Kim providing the occasional “Uh-Huh honey,” and Yeezus himself shouting “bam” when they start to kiss, the whole thing seems like a self-satisfying mess.

It is the last track on the Yeezus album and it probably should have been left off. The song itself, as pointed out by one commenter, is “all over the place.” A little like West’s musical career right now. Since his increased focus on the love of his life Kim Kardashian Kanye has been floundering. He has cancelled no less than two concerts due to mishaps blamed on equipment problems.

The first cancellation in Vancouver was rescheduled, but, the reason given was that a truck full of equipment either went missing, stolen or broken down. West decided to have two back-to-back shows at the Los Angeles Staples Center instead of hitting the stage in Vancouver. During the time he should have been serenading his Canadian fans, he was proposing to Kim in a baseball stadium rented specially for the occasion.

Kanye West’s latest music video is not only “Bound 2” irritate, but it goes on to show that the singer has finally reached that point in his career where his ego has outstripped his talent. The mishmash of non-related musical styles combined with the randomness of action in the video makes this offering an epic fail. Even Kanye and Kim simulating sex on the back of a motorcycle does not save this unenjoyable mess. Watch the video below and see what you think.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


The Washington Post