Justin Bieber and Hollywood Star Fanaticism to Unhealthy Plastic Surgery

Fanatics getting plastic surgery to copy Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars

Studies show fanatics are mentally unhealthy when electing plastic surgery in the midst of an obsession over Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars. Many fans not only spend all their time focused on the stars but go to extreme lengths to look like them. The fanaticism leads to an unhealthy body image and often irrational actions.

In October, a Justin Bieber fan spent $100,000 on plastic surgery that would transform him into a Justin Bieber look alike. The 33-year-old fan had face fillers, a chin reduction and eyelid surgery among other operations. That was obviously not the first time a fan requested to look like Justin Bieber at a plastic surgeons office.

Other celebrities are requested too. In fact, surgeons in Los Angeles report the mix of Angelina Jolie’s lips, paired with Katie Holmes’s eyes and Jessica Biel’s body are among the top requests. As for complexion, Paris Hilton was warranted for her skin tone. Among men, top requests include the features of Leonardo DiCaprio’s nose, David Beckham’s body and Daniel Craig, the Jame Bond actor’s eyes.

Wikipedia now has a whole page designated to celebrity worship syndrome that occurs in fans of Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars. The Daily Mail, in an article about celebrity worship, were the first to coin the term, “celebrity worship syndrome.” The term refers to the obsessive and addictive behavior where a person overly indulges with a celebrity’s life.

A study in the U.K., by psychologist John Maltby, examined 1,732 U.K. residents aged between 14 and 62 years. He found there are three dimensions to celebrity worship including entertainment and social, intense and personal, and borderline to pathological. There was no gender indifference. This can also be confirmed by the requests from men and women in plastic surgery offices.

Other studies show that worshipping celebrities like Justin Bieber is an indication of poor mental health. Researches in the U.K. found evidence that suggested intense and personal worship of celebrities was correlated with higher levels of depression and anxiety. Another study went a step deeper and found fanaticism leads to higher levels of stress and higher reports of illness.

James Houran, a psychologist with the consulting firm HVS Executive Search that created the first questionnaire to measure celebrity fanaticism concluded that “in our society, celebrities act like a drug, they’re around us everywhere. They’re an easy fix.”

He also pointed out personality traits that send people to obsess over Justin Bieber and end up doing crazy things like plastic surgery. Traits identified include egocentricity, irritability, impulsivity and moodiness are more likely to indulge. Apparently, it was discovered that the environment matters also. People are more susceptible to obsess if a person struggling with a divorce, job loss or relationship issues.

On the internet, the newest unhealthy phenomenon to hit media is the reports of teenage girls starving themselves in hopes of achieving super skinny thighs, or a gap between their legs. Shockingly, there are numerous websites dedicated to encouraging weight loss via images of those who achieved the “gap.”

Justin Bieber seems to be a nice kid. He is among the top celebrities who donate to charity. Media constantly reports his latest donation. It seems much healthier to copy the positive giving spirit of Justin rather than try to transform your face and change your body to look like him. Hollywood stars themselves are caught up in the phenomenon of snapping countless selfie photos all trying to one up each other. In the end, a healthy distance from the stars and their fanatics should be the goal and maybe a trip to a psychologist before electing surgery would be wise.

By Cayce Manesiotis

The Daily Mail

Hollywood Life

The Telegraph

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  2. big bob   November 17, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    he looks dum.


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